Punky Brewster Stars Tease Reboot Easter Eggs, "Amazing" Guest Stars and More

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Watch: "Punky Brewster" Stars Detail Upcoming Reboot

Punky Brewster fans, your time has come!

Peacock's revival of the classic 1980s sitcom that centered around a little girl being raised by a foster parent arrives on the NBCUniversal streaming platform today(!), and E! News got the inside scoop on what to expect from the show's very own stars, Soleil Moon Frye and Cherie Johnson.

Both actresses are reprising their roles since the new Punky Brewster is a continuation of the original story, only now, Punky's all grown up and a single mother just trying to get her life in order—that is, until she meets a young girl in the foster care system who can't help but remind her of her childhood self. 

"I think the Punky reboot has so much of the heart of what the original had," Soleil, who plays the titular character, told Cherie in the exclusive clip above. "And we have really tried to keep it authentically like the O.G. Punky, and it's still got spunk, and it's still got fun and it's still got humor but it also has the realness and authenticity of the original. And for that, I am so proud."

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In addition to catching up with E! News on Punky Brewster's set, Soleil stopped by Wednesday, Feb. 24's Daily Pop to continue previewing the Peacock series. 

"There are so many surprises," Soleil revealed to co-hosts Carissa Culiner and Kym Whitley. "We have the most amazing cast of kids that are just so wonderful. And Cherie and I were saying that for us, this is not just a show. These are not just characters. This is really who we are. We really are best friends in life and so it feels so honest."

"And we have amazing guest stars," she added. "Seth Green. And my daughter Jagger is making a guest appearance!"

Fans will be delighted to learn that the Peacock revival might even have a few easter eggs. During E! News' on-set visit, Cherie teased that there are "absolutely" a number of fun details, but she won't be sharing them any time soon "because I want everybody to be just as tickled as I was when I found out."

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Thankfully, Soleil came to the rescue. "Can I share one?" she chimed in. "There is a treehouse. And I have this dream when COVID is over...my dream since I was 5 years old was to able to grow up and work on the backlot of Universal Studios. So I'm just saying, picture this, a treehouse where the tram goes by and we all go hang out in the treehouse during, like, lunch. We wave, hang out with you guys...just saying. I'm just throwing it out there!"

That's all the Sabrina the Teenage Witch star would say, but she did go on to provide more insight into the reimagined Punky Brewster

"I love that Punky really explored so many issues and topics and it was such a healing show through laughter," she began. "I think we have that here, now."

"It feels uniquely grounded," she continued. "Also, so much fun."


On a personal level, Soleil also found the new series to be cathartic: "I definitely went through some years where I was very insecure at different times and stages...and rediscovering Punky has allowed me to rediscover myself. And for that, I am forever grateful."

So grateful, in fact, that Soleil said she wouldn't mind playing Punky until she's "old and grey." 

"I love when people come up and still call me Punky," she added. "If I'm 80 years old and they're still calling me Punky, I'm good. I really love the character so much. She's such a part of me that I'll keep her alive forever."

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Hear more from Soleil and Cherie in the above E! News clip and Daily Pop interview, and don't miss all 10 of the new Punky Brewster episodes dropping on Peacock today, Thursday, Feb. 25!

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