How You Could Win a Date With Nightly Pop’s Hunter March

By Allison Crist Feb 19, 2021 4:55 PMTags

Listen up, ladies!

If you can't help but swoon over E! News' Hunter March when you tune in to Nightly Pop for the latest celebrity and pop culture news, you're in luck, because according to Hunter's co-host Nina Parker, he's "feeling extra lonely this month."

"So we're going to pimp him out!" Nina announced on Thursday, Feb. 18's episode of NP. "One lucky viewer will get to experience a FaceTime date with Hunter March himself."

All you have to do is head to Nightly Pop's Instagram and submit a video about what makes you the perfect date. 

Hunter explained that Nina will be fielding the entries "because I don't know how to pick somebody for myself." 

"Nina knows what I need in my life," the E! News personality added.

Not sure what to say in your entry? Take Nina's advice: "Come correct or don't come at all, ladies! I don't play that s--t."

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Don't worry if you're nervous, either. For Hunter, "it's been quite a while," but he's ready to get back out there!


"I do get excited to talk to the fans," he shared. "We've done some Instagram Lives, people have come on, but this will be like a one-on-one."

Nightly Pop is going to air select submissions next week, so as Nina put it, "get ready if you wanna be on camera! Make sure you get that face beat."

Then, on Thursday, the date itself will be shown on the E! series. 

Head to Nightly Pop's Instagram now to submit your video and watch Nightly Pop next week to see how Hunter's date goes!

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