Elizabeth Olsen is "Very Aware" of How Nepotism With Mary-Kate and Ashley Impacted Her Career

Elizabeth Olsen admitted that she's "very aware" of how nepotism in Hollywood has played a hand in launching her career, following the success of her older siblings Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

By Lindsay Weinberg Feb 19, 2021 12:55 AMTags
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What does Wanda Maximoff have to do with Michelle Tanner? 

Nothing, if Elizabeth Olsen has anything to say about it. 

Full House fans first knew Elizabeth as the little sister to TV darlings Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who famously landed their breakout role as Michelle on the ABC sitcom in 1987.

Though her last name might ring some bells for fans of the Tanner family, Elizabeth has been intent on striking out on her own. 

In a new interview with Grazia magazine, the Marvel star admitted that nepotism may have played a role in her Hollywood success. 

"Nepotism is a thing and I'm very aware of it," she told the outlet, which notes her mom Jarnett Olsen was a ballerina while her sisters went on to launch the fashion label The Row in 2006.

Yet, Elizabeth was adamant in her interview that she's not trying to take advantage of her sisters' fame. She said, "And of course, I've always wanted to do it alone."

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It seems to be working out for her so far, considering the recent success of her vintage TV show WandaVision, in which she plays Wanda Maximoff aka the Scarlet Witch. From the shocking cameos to her onscreen marriage with Vision (Paul Bettany), viewers are clearly obsessed with the Disney+ spectacle. 

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Despite wanting to make her mark on her own, the NYU alum hinted that performing runs in her blood when she explained how she was attracted to the industry from a young age. 

"I was a very hammy, performative child," she said. "I do think I got to live out some sort of childhood dream doing the show."

Last month, Elizabeth, 32, spoke with E! News about why she enjoys acting out the relationship dynamics between Wanda and Vision in particular. 

"I think we get to see them try and be your average married couple, desperately," the actress said. "And we get to see them become parents. We get to see lots of colors of their relationship from love and responsibility and respect and maybe some secrets and maybe some things that wrap up... maybe we get to witness their first disagreement and things like that. So it's, you know, it's a fully fleshed out relationship which is different than what we saw on the in the Marvel films." 

Paul added, "I think Wanda and Vision connect at the right and good parts of themselves. That's what makes them such a strong unit."  

Offscreen, Elizabeth admits she's pretty private and even stays away from social media. "At the end of the day, what I discovered was one, I'm really bad at creating a perceived identity," she revealed. "I didn't find it very organic to who I am as a person."