All the Photos From Morgan Stewart's First Days as a Mom

By Alyssa Ray Feb 18, 2021 11:40 PMTags
Watch: Morgan Stewart Gives Birth to Baby Girl

Morgan Stewart is officially a mom!

Earlier this week, on Feb. 16, the Daily Pop and Nightly Pop co-host and husband Jordan McGraw welcomed their first child, named Row Renggli McGraw, into the world. The E! personality confirmed her baby girl's arrival by taking to social media.

The former #RichKids of Beverly Hills star quipped that Baby Row arrived "after 30 hours, 27 apple juices, & 16 pushes."

As E! readers may recall, Morgan and Jordan announced that they were expecting back in August. At the time, the couple told E! News that they "are so excited about our baby girl! We can't WAIT to meet her!"

Following the announcement, Morgan kept fans up to date on her pregnancy journey by sharing her cravings, baby bump pictures and so much more. In fact, just last month, Morgan shared her stance on push presents.

"I think, yes, a woman deserves a push present," Morgan noted in an episode of Necessary Realness. "And it doesn't need to be a materialistic push present."

Morgan Stewart's Pregnancy Pics

Morgan went on to remind viewers that she'd be "pushing out seven pounds."

"Shoulders, head," she rattled off after a slight shudder. "Like, legs and stuff. And then, I'm gonna get a squirt bottle to hose me down. And then, I'm gonna have to deliver placenta. And then, I'm gonna have to potentially get really stitched up. And then, I'm gonna have to wear an adult diaper."

Classic, Morgan!


Regardless, motherhood is a reality now for Morgan. So, in honor of baby Row's arrival, take a closer look at Morgan's first days as a mom.

Mom and Baby Row

"Row Renggli McGraw just wanted me to quickly update you guys that after 30 hours, 27 apple juices, & 16 pushes later she decided to join our party," Morgan Stewart wrote alongside this photo on Feb. 17. "And she's definitely the coolest girl I've ever met."

Dad and Baby Row

Morgan's husband Jordan McGraw captioned this photo, "Row Renggli McGraw 2/16/21."

Proud Papa

The Daily Pop and Nightly Pop co-host wrote, "Daddy was pump."

Excited Grandmas

Per the E! personality, Baby Row's grandmas were there to "cheer" them on.

Flowers for Baby Row

Baby Row's first flowers were seriously impressive!

Big Balloons

The Stewart-McGraw family welcomed baby Row with big balloons.

Hospital Gown, But Make It Fashion

Morgan revealed she had "the cutest hospital gown."

Happy Home

Morgan and Jordan return home with baby Row for the first time.

Celebratory Meal

This mama missed raw fish! With pregnancy over, Morgan celebrates with her favorite meal: tons of delicious sushi rolls.

Flowers From the FamilE!

Morgan shows off her bouquet and congratulatory card from her fellow Nightly Pop co-hosts Nina Parker and Hunter March.

Bubbly for the New Baby

Morgan receives a bottle of champagne from friends Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner.

More Gifts

Kevin Jonas and Danielle Jonas also gifted the new mom with gorgeous flowers.

Custom Card

E!'s Erin Lim sent this adorable card.

Row's Big Brother

Morgan's pup investigates the newest family member.

Protective Pooch

He's already protective of baby Row.

Doting Dad

"Row is loving life," Morgan shared with a video of dad Jordan adorably rocking his daughter to sleep.

First Glimpse

Morgan shares our first close-up at little Row and the newborn holds mama's hand.

"Forget It"

Morgan swoons over her hubby cradling little Row.

Cuddles With Mama

Morgan Stewart said she was in "literal heaven" in this snap with baby Row.

Baby Row's First Outing

Morgan shared this image by husband Jordan McGraw, which commemorated Baby Row's first outing.

First Mirror Selfie

The Daily Pop co-host captioned this photo with her daughter, "Row's first mirror selfie."

Fashionable Essentials

On her Instagram Story, Morgan quipped, "Grandma handling all the essentials."

Sweet Treat

In honor of Row's arrival, Morgan received a delicious cake.

An Adventure Outdoors

While on an outing outdoors, Morgan joked, "And on the 11th day we made it outside."

1 Month Old

Morgan holds her daughter in celebration of her turning one month.

Sunday Brunch

Row enjoy brunch with her parents at a local L.A. hot spot.

Cuddle Buddies

Morgan shares an adorable video of daddy-daughter snuggles in March 2021.

Congratulations, Morgan and Jordan!