Watch Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Call Out Jason Bateman for Bailing on Their Interview

Will Arnett filled in for pal Jason Bateman after he missed his interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Scroll on to see host Jimmy Kimmel explain the story behind the last minute switch.

By Mona Thomas Feb 18, 2021 1:23 PMTags
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Not all heroes wear capes, including Will Arnett.

During the Feb. 17 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Arrested Development star was gracious enough to agree to an interview when another actor didn't show up.

Host Jimmy Kimmel thanked Arnett for filling in at the last minute by noting, "Last minute cancellation thing. Are you familiar with Jason Bateman?"

Arnett, who said he didn't want to "out" his fellow actor, replied, "Yeah, Jason, obviously too busy…" However, Kimmel gave a little more context to what actually happened.

"That's exactly what they said, too busy," Jimmy explained. "They said he was shooting his show so he couldn't do the show. And you know, I said, ‘Yeah, well we're shooting also our show.'

Arnett piled on to the joke, reminding viewers that Bateman is "a good friend" of the show and he simply backed out because "Blow-zark's schedule changed or something."

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The late-night host corrected the star, noting, "I think it's called Ozark, I don't know." To which Arnett replied, "I said Ozark. What did you think I said?"

But it didn't stop there. Kimmel then let Arnett know that he has spies everywhere and showed the audience a photo of Bateman in Atlanta sitting in a director's chair in a face covering and staring at his phone.

"This was taken today when he's supposedly too busy to FaceTime into the show," Kimmel revealed. "There he is, playing Words with Friends on his phone."

Arnett found the photo "hilarious considering we know he doesn't have that many friends."

Hopefully Bateman comes on soon and redeems himself.