The Widower Sneak Peek: How Thomas Randolph Reacted to Late Wife's Secret Will

In this exclusive clip from NBC's The Widower, Sharon Causse's daughter revealed her mother left her a secret will, which upset Sharon's widower Thomas Randolph.

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A secret will.

In this exclusive clip from NBC's three-part true crime docu-series, The Widower, Colleen Beyerthe daughter of murder victim Sharon Causse reveals how her mother's widower Thomas Randolph reacted to Sharon's last will and testament. As Colleen recalls in The Widower, which has been brought to life by the producers of Dateline NBC, Thomas believed "he was in control of everything" thanks to one will in his possession.

However, in the days following Sharon's death, Colleen says she received "another will" from her mother's best friend, Alice Wolfe.

Sharon's confidant details in a confessional, "She writes it out. I'm watching her do it. And we go to the notary and have it notarized. And she gives it to me, and she says, 'If anything happens to me, Alice,' she says, 'Please give this to Colleen.' She had left the house to Colleen."

Unfortunately for Sharon, she met her demise in May 2008 when what initially appeared to be a home invasion left her and handyman Michael Miller dead.

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Thomas, who had made Sharon his sixth wife, soon came under suspicion. Not only had he previously been tried and acquitted for the murder of his second wife, Becky Gault, but he had a $360,000 life insurance policy out on Sharon. Prosecutors went on to charge Thomas for the murders of Sharon and Michael, claiming the accused hired Michael to kill Sharon.

While Thomas maintained his innocence, he was found guilty of double homicide and sent to death row. Yet, the Nevada Supreme Court overturned the convictions, ruling that the jury shouldn't have been presented evidence from Becky's 1986 murder as Thomas had been acquitted. Thus, Thomas, who has been widowed four times, is now awaiting a retrial.

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On the Killer Genes podcast, Thomas stated, "I'm just happy as can be because, as I told everybody, I didn't do this. I didn't kill Becky. I didn't kill Sharon. And I think I'm more happy not with the fact that I'm getting a new trial, I'm more happy that the system didn't let me down like it's let down so many other people. Like it had let me down for going on 13 years."

Despite Thomas' claims of innocence, Colleen alleges in the exclusive clip that the will change indicates Sharon may've surmised that something was afoot. The victim's daughter continues, "She had to have suspected something that she would go behind his back and change everything and leave it to me."

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After the will in her possession was ruled as valid, Colleen recalls Thomas getting "really upset." She adds, "Then I started gettin' really nasty phone messages."

Per the new footage, Thomas left the following voicemail: "You know it's really weird. We sat there and we talked about the house. I could see it in your eyes, you was lying through your teeth. No wonder your mother didn't like you."

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The Widower premieres Thursday, Feb. 18 at 10 p.m. on NBC. The two-hour parts two and three will air Friday, Feb. 19 and Sunday, Feb. 21 at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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