The Bachelor's Kit Keenan Reveals How She Rises Above "Toxicity" on Social Media

Speaking exclusively to E! News with her designer mother, Cynthia Rowley, Kit Keenan revealed how she grown since being on The Bachelor and how she stays away from online negativity.

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Kit Keenan is ready for her next chapter!

The 21-year-old star and daughter of fashion designer Cynthia Rowley shocked fans on Monday, Feb. 15 when she decided to self-eliminate herself from Matt James' season of The Bachelor. Kit, who was in the running to be selected for a coveted hometown date with the 29-year-old lead, told him that she wasn't ready for marriage just yet.

"After our one-on-one, I said I could see myself falling in love with you, and I never thought I could let my guard down as much as I have with you," she shared with The Bachelor star. "I thought I would have the clarity I needed going into hometowns, but hometowns isn't a figure-it-out situation... You deserve someone who is 100 percent sure of you getting down on one knee tomorrow, and that's not me."

While Kit's appearance on the ABC dating show has garnered some mixed reviews, she's always remained true to herself.

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Speaking exclusively to E! News in a joint interview with her famous mother, the socialite explained just how she's flourished since being on The Bachelor. Hint: She's stepped away from things that bring negativity into her life.

"I think that Instagram has really become a place of positivity for me. I think prior to that, it was very toxic," she shared. "I was really only following people that I looked up to for their aesthetic—models and influencers mostly."

While Kit didn't dive into detail on who she was previously following, she offered some advice: "If you have to follow those people, mute them. Otherwise, unfollow them."


The reality TV personality then revealed how cleaning up her Instagram feed brought more "joy" into her life.

"In the past year, I've really shifted that to follow a lot more mental health accounts, socially responsible [accounts], cooking accounts, and things that bring me joy," she said, adding, "I think at this point the algorithm knows I'm not there for toxicity."

Apparently, the Bachelor Nation star's outlook has rubbed off on her fashionable mom.

"I learn from Kit every single day," Cynthia admitted. "She's very grounded... Not that I live in a fantasy world but so much of my job is imagination and thinking outside the box, and I think she always sets it straight. I think she has a good sensibility and a good perspective on fashion and on the world."

When it comes to fashion, however, the mother-daughter duo has totally different tastes.

"My mom is more in the camp of keeping the extra accessory on or taking risks more with fashion and I'm more in the neutrals camp," Kit described of their individual styles. "I have a very vintage aesthetic with my style. But sometimes... my mom will be like, 'That looks hot! Wear that out.' Otherwise, I'll wear kitten heels and a turtleneck every day."

Watch our interview with the dynamic duo above to get more details on their love for fashion!

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