Teresa Giudice Defends Ex-Husband Joe Ahead of RHONJ Fight With Melissa & Joe Gorga

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star on why she'll always have her ex's back despite causing drama with her brother and sister-in-law.

By Brett Malec Feb 17, 2021 2:00 PMTags

Even after all they've been through, Teresa Giudice still has Joe Giudice's back.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey finally returns tonight and season 11 promises lots of drama ahead. One of the most shocking moments from the RHONJ trailer previews Teresa getting into an explosive fight with brother Joe Gorga and her sister-in-law and co-star Melissa Gorga over Teresa's ex-husband Joe, who now lives abroad following his prison sentence and deportation.

Teresa gave some insight into the impending confrontation, telling E! News exclusively, "I guess they get upset about me sticking up for my ex-husband. He's a great father for my daughters, he'll always be in my life and he did the right thing by our divorce. Listen, he didn't mean for what happened to me, he didn't want any of that to happen. And look, I'm sure the poor guy didn't' want to get deported. It is what it is, you know? He is, he's a great person, we were married for 15 years and I know he didn't do anything intentionally to ever hurt me in any way."

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As RHONJ fans know, Joe Giudice apparently claims to "know things" about Joe Gorga this season, prompting Gorga to declare in the trailer, "How dare him say he's got dirt on me?"

Melissa also teased her upcoming fight with Teresa, adding that she and Joe felt like they're in a no win situation when it comes to the Giudices.

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"I keep saying, 'You're damned if you do and damned if you don't,'" Melissa told E! News exclusively. "So that's one of those things where Joe and I were backing Teresa up and of course we get some for it. And it's like I never know what to do anymore. From now on I'm keeping my mouth shut. I'm saying nothing when it comes to Teresa and her situation. It's like if I'm doing the right thing, I'm doing it wrong. So Joe and I both give up there. We're not giving our opinion any more, even if it's positive about Teresa because we still are saying the wrong thing."

As for where Melissa and Teresa stand this season, Melissa calls their relationship "good" despite the "typical family drama."

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"We always go through it her and we always struggle sometimes," she explained. "And it's definitely not easy when you're working together and we're together all the time and we bump heads a lot. And it's rough for me that her and Jackie [Goldschneider] bump heads so much because I love Jackie and I'm very close with her and Teresa's my sister-in-law and I'm put in the middle of a lot of those situations where I do like to be honest and tell which one they are wrong and which one they are right in both situations and it's hard for me because I love them both so much. So it's very hard for me."

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