Bachelor Matt James' Response to How Much He Actually Liked Victoria Larson Delights Andy Cohen

After Andy Cohen asked Matt James how much he really liked Victoria Larson, the star of The Bachelor excited the host with how he chose to respond.

By Ryan Gajewski Feb 12, 2021 7:34 AMTags

The Bachelor star Matt James knows when to wet his whistle. 

Matt was a guest on Watch What Happens Live on Thursday, Feb. 11, where he played a game of "Truth or Drink" with host Andy Cohen. For one of the questions, Andy wanted to know how the Bachelor really felt about polarizing contestant Victoria Larson, a.k.a. Queen Victoria.

"Matt, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much did you like Queen Victoria?" he asked about the former contestant who was known for picking fights with the other women. This led Matt to silently stare directly into the camera as he picked up his beverage and took a drink, signifying that he would not be answering the question.

"Ohh, wow!" Andy replied with surprise. "Very good. Oh, exciting."

However, as Matt kept drinking the cocktail, it became clear he was either really thirsty, or he was perhaps trying to send an unspoken message. This was not lost on the host.

"Wow, he's chugging it," Andy observed. "That's how much he doesn't want to answer that question." When he finally put down his glass, Matt appeared to lightly cough, suggesting he may have consumed a bit more of the drink than he himself expected. 

Matt had previously spoken out about Victoria during his appearance on The Real on Jan. 28. After a video had gone viral that showed Matt golfing with others when one of his friends body-shamed Victoria, Matt told the hosts of the show that he does not "condone or stand for" bullying of any type. 

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For another question during the WWHL segment, Andy asked, "For Matt, have you ever needed to hide a boner from the Bachelor cameras?"

As it turned out, Matt gave an emphatic yes. "Oh, my gosh, a thousand percent, yes," he shared. "I'm attracted to all these women."

He said one example would be "when you're getting out of the hot tub, you might need a towel. You might need to have the production go ahead before you get out. Yeah."

During a different segment, a fan asked Matt how he felt about the drama between Katie Thurston and Serena Chew on the Feb. 8 episode, during which Katie was sent home but Serena remained on the show. The fan also asked about the online push for Katie to be the next Bachelorette

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"When I saw Senera C. and Katie's exchange, that had nothing to do with my feelings for Katie at that time," Matt replied. "Doesn't say anything about her as a woman and how incredible she is because she was there for a reason. And those are the type of women that should be in consideration for a Bachelorette role. She's bold, she's courageous, she stands up for what she believes in."

Well, at least Matt didn't need to take a drink after that question.

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