NBC's Plan Your Vaccine Program Is Making It Easy to Fight COVID-19

Use the new online tool to find out exactly when you can get your coronavirus vaccine shot.

By Brett Malec Feb 11, 2021 5:10 PMTags
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NBC is making it easier to fight COVID-19.

On Thursday, Feb. 11, Comcast NBCUniversal announced the new Plan Your Vaccine campaign, a company-wide initiative to help raise awareness and educate people on how and where they can get the COVID-19 vaccine amid the ongoing national roll-out to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

"The COVID-19 vaccine rollout is an incredibly complicated challenge, but it's a critical step to getting our country back to normal," Adam Miller, Chief Administration Officer, Comcast Corporation and Executive Vice President, NBCUniversal, said in a statement today. "We have the unique ability to leverage our considerable platforms and resources across Comcast NBCUniversal to raise awareness and help people navigate the ever-changing array of information on this issue."

PlanYourVaccine.com features a customizable tool for vaccination news and data, powered by the trusted journalism of the NBCUniversal News Group. The resource will help users navigate the vaccine rollout process by state, letting them know if they are currently eligible to receive the vaccine, track distribution timelines and find the closest vaccination location.

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In addition to the Plan Your Vaccine announcement, Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared on the Today show this morning and shared hope about the ongoing vaccine roll-out.

"I'm fairly certain that as we get into and towards the end of April you'll see some of the implementation of what you just showed, namely pharmacies, community vaccine centers, mobile units really stepping up the pass of vaccinations," Fauci shared. "So I believe we're are on target of what the president said and hopefully as we get into the early spring we'll have a much greater acceleration of dosage."

Go to PlanYourVaccine.com to learn more and participate.

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For the latest updates on the coronavirus pandemic and for tips on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19, please visit The Center for Disease Control and Prevention at https://www.cdc.gov. To plan your vaccine, head to NBC's Plan Your Vaccine site at PlanYourVaccine.com.