Paris Hilton,  Doug Reinhardt

Reports that Paris Hilton's house party got busted are totally wrong.

TMZ reports that the heiress threw a bash Monday night, and after angry neighbors called the cops to complain about noise, über-pricey cars parked in the neighborhood were egged by party guests.

Turns out the house in question is Doug Reinhardt's and Paris says her own Bentley was vandalized as well!

“This is ridiculous,” Paris tells E! exclusively. “We had nothing to do with this. My blue Bentley was egged and I even filed a victim’s report.”

Police were indeed called to Doug's house twice that what really happened?

"Neighbors called Monday night because of the noise,” an LAPD spokesperson tells E!. "A little later, there was another call from owners of cars that had been vandalized in that same vicinity, so officers ended up going out a second time.”

Back in town from their romantic vacation in Anguilla, Doug and Paris first dined at Koi and went to the club h.wood on Monday night. A source says Doug invited a few friends over to play poker at his new pad in the Hollywood Hills.

Paris says that a large group of paparazzi followed them from the club and were camped outside the house, causing a commotion. 

"Nicky lives directly across the street," she tells E!. "David [Katzenberg, Nicky’s boyfriend] was woken up by the paparazzi as well.”

"There were probably five guys there," a source tells E!, adding that Doug and Paris were in bed by 3 a.m., while their friends continued to play poker downstairs.

 “It’s not possible that they egged cars," a source adds. "There was no food in the refrigerator. There was no music because the sound system isn’t hooked up.”

A source close to the couple thinks the paparazzi could be responsible for the vandalism.

—Additional reporting by Ashley Fultz



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