Elle Fanning Is Very Pregnant in This Sneak Peek of The Great's Second Season

Spoiler alert: The lemon juice didn't work! Get a first look at a pregnant Elle Fanning ahead of season 2 of The Great.

By Cydney Contreras Feb 10, 2021 1:19 AMTags
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Turns out lemon juice isn't an effective form of contraception!

Season one of Hulu's The Great ended with a cliffhanger, leaving us wondering about the fate of the Russian kingdom, hurting for a heartbroken Leo (Sebastian de Souza) and worrying about a pregnant Catherine (Elle Fanning). 

But viewers of The Great can breathe a sigh of relief now that Hulu has released the following teaser for season two: "In season two, Catherine becomes both a mother to Russia and a child." 

In other words, Catherine's mission to rid the Russian people of a bumbling Peter (Nicholas Hoult) is going to be a success, along with the birth of her baby boy Paul. To this we say, "Huzzah!"

Of course, history buffs knew this was coming all along, since the series is inspired by the events that transpired in the 18th century. Before the academics give themselves a pat on the back, it's worth a reminder that historical accuracy isn't a priority for series writer Tony McNamara, and The Great is all the better for it. 

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McNamara's flair for historical embellishment also means that we still don't know how this whole coup and motherhood thing will pan out. For all we know, Leo could be a goner and Peter could continue making life a living hell for Catherine, even if he's been removed from his fur-covered throne. 

Hulu/Gareth Gatrell

Thus far, the cast has given away nothing, save for Elle who wrote on Instagram that she's "cooking up something special for season 2." Let's just hope this "something special" isn't a horse!

Either way, fans are confident the actress will do justice to the tsarina, especially after she received a Golden Globe nomination for her role. The 22 year old is going up against Lily Collins, Catherine O'Hara, Kaley Cuoco and Jane Levy in the Best Actress in a Comedy Series category. 

When Elle learned of the news she took to Instagram, writing, "I can't think of a more appropriate time to scream HUZZAH!!!"

Huzzah, indeed!

Season 1 is currently streaming on Hulu.

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