Dan Levy Makes SNL Debut as Dad Eugene Levy Makes a Hilarious Cameo

Schitt's Creek's Dan Levy and dad, co-creator and co-star Eugene Levy reunited on Saturday Night Live, while COVID-19 precautions were taken. Watch highlights from the episode.

By Corinne Heller Feb 07, 2021 5:11 PMTags
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Dan Levy had a family and Schitt's Creek reunion during his Saturday Night Live debut.

The actor's dad Eugene Levy, his co-star and co-creator of the Emmy-winning sitcom, made a cameo during his monologue. Dan gave viewers a backstage tour, showcasing the show's socially distanced protocols in the COVID era. So when Eugene flew from Los Angeles to New York City to support his son, that meant he had the privilege of watching his SNL debut...from a glass "isolation box." Safety first!

"You flew all this way just to watch the show from a weird box?" Dan asked, to which his father answered, "I didn't know about the box at the time, no. I found out when I landed...Don't worry about me. I'm fine, OK? You've got enough on your plate tonight."

Eugene later asked a man wearing a white hazmat suit, "Excuse me? Could one of you turn me towards the stage so I can see the show? Thank you."

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Watch the monologue and backstage action below:

Check out more highlights from the episode:


"Universal Tram":

In this sketch, Dan plays a Universal Studios tram tour guide in training and he cannot but help express some rather inappropriate thoughts and theories to his audience.

"Super Bowl Pod":

Dan and SNL cast members play attendees of a small Super Bowl party who continuously justify their decision to gather despite the coronavirus pandemic—and definitely did "everything right." Kate McKinnon appears as Dr. Anthony Fauci while Bowen Yang stars as 2012 K-Pop sensation and "Gangnam Style" singer PSY.


Dan joins the cast in this mock sexy commercial advertising something that really gets the blood pumping: Real estate site Zillow.

"Wedding Friends":

In this sketch, Dan and Kate play a pair who continuously disrupt their friend's wedding ceremony with a healthy dose of passive aggressiveness.


During Weekend Update skit, Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd play real-life twin brothers Tim and Fred Williams, aka the duo behind the TwinsthenewTrend YouTube channel who are known for their videos of their reactions to hearing popular songs for the first time. They went viral last summer over their clip showing them listening to Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight."

In the SNL sketch, the brothers express astonishment at hearing songs like the theme to Friends, the Meow Mix commercial jingle and the "ABC Song."

Phoebe Bridgers was the episode's musical guest. She performed her songs "I Know the End" and "Kyoto."

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