My Music Moments: CNCO Shares the Soundtrack to Their Lives

In celebration of their new album Déjà Vu, CNCO walked E! News through the songs and singers who have shaped them.

By Billy Nilles Feb 07, 2021 2:00 PMTags
Watch: CNCO Shares the Soundtrack to Their Lives: My Music Moments

CNCO is feeling nostalgic.

The boy band comprising Joel Pimentel, Richard Camacho, Erick Brian Colón, Christopher Vélez, and Zabdiel De Jesús released their third studio album, Déjà Vu, on Feb. 5. And like the title suggests, the LP finds them reinterpreting Latin pop classics like "Hero," "Tan Enamorados," Entra en Mi Vida" and more as only they can. 

"The inspiration for this project came during the pandemic," Joel told E! News. "We had so much free time that I think almost everyone, actually, started listening to the classic old songs—at least, we did—and we just had the crazy idea of bringing back these songs and giving them a new life."

As Richard explained, "We're excited for them to see the classics of our culture. They're kind of, like, re-introducing classics of the '80, '90s, things like that that were very important to the music in our culture. We're remaking them and making them in our flow, and hoping you guys enjoy it."

Latinx Stars on the Rise

In line with the album's reminiscent spirit, E! News asked CNCO to pull back the curtain on all the albums and artists who have influenced them over the years. From the songs that remind them of childhood to the albums they wish they'd recorded themselves, this is the soundtrack to their lives. 

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The song/album that reminds me of childhood:

Zabdiel: Mas Flow 2. It was an album of reggaeton, but I remember listening to that album every day when I was going to school because in Puerto Rico, we hear a lot of reggaeton and stuff.
Richard: For me, it was Chris Brown's Fortune.
Erick: One that really reminds me of my childhood, and I used to sing it a lot in karaoke, was Talento de Barrio by Daddy Yankee.
Christopher: One that reminds me of childhood would be one of the covers that we did on the album, "Entra en Mi Vida" by Sin Bandera. The group was a really popular ballad group that I followed in that moment and reminds me of passion and love of music.
Joel: The soundtrack for Grease. I don't know why. Every time I listen to a song from that movie, it always reminds me of watching it as a kid. Also, The Beatles. This type of music was a little bit weird for a little kid to be listening to, but I remember The Beatles and the Grease soundtrack were always the ones I listened to as a kid.

The first album I remember buying with my own money:

Christopher: Eminem. I remember, in my childhood, I used to listen to Eminem a lot. Eminem and 50 Cent.
Richard: I never really bought an album, but I remember a fan gave me a physical disc.
Christopher: By who?
Richard: Michael Jackson. That's the first album that I ever had in my hands.


The song/album people might not expect me to love:

Richard: For me, Hunter Hayes' "Wanted" was one of my childhood songs that I cried to. For a breakup, if I was in my car? That song was amazing.

The song/album that makes me think of falling in love:

Joel: I think Déjà Vu is definitely an album that makes you want to fall in love. You can't miss that. You've got to download it, check it out and see what I'm saying.

The song/album I turn to when I'm at my lowest:

Richard: I go to Views by Drake when I'm just chilling and I want different emotions. I think that album has a lot of variety.
Erick: One that I listen to a lot is by James Arthur, and it's called Back From the Edge. I really love that album.

If I could only hear one song for the rest of my life, it would be:

Christopher: That is a really tough question.
Richard: But I think I would listen to Déjà Vu, the album.
Everyone laughs.
Zabdiel: I think that's a tough question because there's so much music out there that's so good. It's hard.

Musicians Performing Live on Stage

The song/album that's guaranteed to get me turned all the way up:

Christopher: Starts singing "All the Way Up" by Fat Joe and Remy Ma, featuring French Montana, before transitioning to Drake's "Started from the Bottom." Points to Erick: See, you turned up!

The song/album I wish I wrote/recorded:

Zabdiel: Bruno Mars' 24K Magic. That album I think is—he's a genius.
Richard: Any Drake album. Or any Michael album.

Our own song that we'll never get tired of performing:

Everyone sings "Ya Tú Sabes"
Richard: Yeah, I think that song's tight.
Christopher: That song hypes us up, and on stage, it's a really good song to perform.

The song on our new project I can't wait for fans to sing along with us on tour:

Richard: The whole album. They're gonna go crazy.
Erick: "Tan Enamorados."
Richard: I want them to sing the bachata in "Un Beso." I think that's going to be hot.
Christopher: Imagine them singing "Entra en Mi Vida" with us. That'd be amazing.
Richard: All of them are going to be crazy.

For more from CNCO, be sure to check out the video above.

Déjà Vu is available now.