Cardi B Has the Best Response to Haters Who Criticize Her Looks

Cardi B spoke with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe about how she deals with her haters and why she’s spending less time on social media these days.

By Mona Thomas Feb 05, 2021 1:51 PMTags

Cardi B is giving a reality check to her haters and internet trolls.

During an interview with Apple Music's Zane Lowe, the "W.A.P." rapper shared her thoughts about being judged on social media because of her looks.

"I've always been a bitch that made money off my looks, you know what I'm saying?" the Grammy winner pointed out. "Before I was a rapper, or a celebrity, or an Instagram sensation, I was a stripper. I was one of those strippers that every f--king celeb, all the celebs, all these bitches' favorite rappers—[they] used to request me on their sessions. They used to spend thousands and thousands of dollars. Why they spending money on you if you ugly?"

Cardi, who recently dropped her latest single "Up," noted that she uses her own music to give herself a confidence boost. "When I do music, I be f--king gassing myself up," the 28-year-old revealed. "It's like, ‘Nah, because these bitches they wanna call me ugly, but they man they want to f--k me though. Write that down.' I swear to god. I feel like people got to be with me on my sessions."

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However, even the strongest people need a break sometimes and the megastar is no different. During the interview, the rising actress—who has 99 million followers across her social media accounts—expressed why she's been less active on her platforms.

She explained, "Sometimes I just go tweet, see what my fans are talking about, then I got off. I'm not like how I used to be before, because it's too much. Like, I already know that it's a trend to—I don't know. Social media is weird. Like, if you get on Twitter—social media is really f--king weird."

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"Every year, there's always like two [or] three artists that it's popular to hate on them," Cardi continued. "Like, out of nowhere, you will see everybody just, ‘I hate this artist. I hate this artist,' and everything is negative about them. Everything was negative about them. I'm that artist that it's not like one year. It's every year."

The rapper said she knows she "really got to get used to it" but in those moments when she can't just get over it, she takes her feelings and everything she wants to say to her haters and "I'll put it in my music."

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