Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton Take a Leap of Faith in Cover Reveal for Their New Book

Love Is Blind's Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton exclusively shared the cover of their new book Leap of Faith with E! News. See the adorable photo here.

By Amanda Williams, Cydney Contreras Feb 08, 2021 8:00 PMTags
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Love Is Blind stars Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton are ready to tell their side of the story.

After finding each other on Netflix's Love Is Blind, the newlyweds decided there's no better way to document their truly wild ride down the altar than to write a book.

Leap of Faith, which is available for pre-order now and hits bookshelves June 15, details how Lauren and Cameron's relationship survived reality TV, overnight stardom and, of course, an unexpected quarantine. As Lauren described while unveiling the book's cover exclusively with E! News, "We thought that this would be the best way to do it as opposed to, you know, a million DMs."

As for what the future will hold, the pair said they're still figuring that out, but they do have a few ideas, namely a bigger home and babies.

For more on everything Lauren and Cameron have learned about each other since leaving the pods, plus details on what to expect from Leap of Faith, check out our Q&A below!

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E! News: Tell us about your journey of writing a book together. 

Cameron: For us, we talked about—even before the Love Is Blind experience had finished—that we really need to write this stuff down because it was such an extraordinary experience right from the start, so that idea I think was already forming in our minds, before Love Is Blind even came out.

Lauren: And then after Love Is Blind came out, you know, we were pretty much sitting back like, man, that was really just the beginning. Because after that, that's when our life really kind of started happening for us, flourishing, us coming together, being married. Just the combination of those things, and being able to put those in a book and work together while we're at home right now was just an amazing experience. Hard experience but an amazing one.

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E!: So many people are excited that you guys are still together! What led you to want to share this story?

C: Well, first of all, we're very excited we're still together too. We really wanted to share our story because as Lauren said, we feel like our journey is just beginning, but we also feel like there's a great story to tell, in terms of everything that led up to Love is Blind, the sort of really special moments that didn't even make it onto the screen.

We have gotten a lot of questions from supporters about how we navigated our relationship, and how we were able to decide that we wanted to get engaged. What were the conversations that we had to have? So there is a lot of advice in the book as well.

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E!: How has married life been in quarantine? 

L: I mean, married life in quarantine, you definitely learn a lot. Because it's like we live together; we work together. We've definitely got a chance to learn each other on a whole new level. We thought we knew each other being in the pods but it's a whole other thing when you're stuck in a house together. But in a good way. If we can survive the pods, then we could definitely survive anything. I think that if anything it's brought us closer and just made our bond even stronger.

E!: How are you guys managing the day-to-day life of working and living together?

L: It's definitely a partnership. We've learned that we have to manage our affairs almost like a business because that's what it is. Of course, we're a married couple, but we run businesses together, we work together.

C: As long as we're business partners, we're best friends, and we're husband and wife. So, one thing we've done to make clear distinctions is, you know, when we got our studio. Not too long ago, we got a studio space so now we can try to keep work at the studio and then when we come home and it's home time, we can kind of transfer our hats. That's worked really well for us.

E!: Are there any rules that you two live by that have significantly helped your relationship?

L: I would say, don't go to bed angry.

C: Another big one is if we have some problem, we have to work it out together. You know, we keep that to ourselves, that's not something that you don't share.

L: Basically what Cam is saying is never air out your dirty laundry on the socials, right?

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This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.