Pregnant Mandy Moore Says Her Birth Plan Has Changed After Platelets "Exponentially" Drop

Mandy Moore took to Instagram with an update about her pregnancy and how it’s “sadly altered” her birth plan.

By Kaitlin Reilly Feb 03, 2021 9:07 PMTags
Watch: Mandy Moore Opens Up About Her Pregnancy Struggles

This Is Us star Mandy Moore opened up about her latest hurdle in her pregnancy journey. 

On Feb. 3, the actress took to her Instagram Story to share a necessary change in plans for her and husband Taylor Goldsmith's baby's birth. She wrote, "Weekly platelet check at the hematologist. My platelets have dropped exponentially during pregnancy and it's sadly altered my birth 'plan.' Any other pregnant folks in the same boat??"

Mandy has been candid about her pregnancy struggles. Last year, she spoke about how she suffered from extreme nausea early in her pregnancy. 

"I couldn't eat. I lost a bunch of weight. I just, like, I just stayed in bed all day," she told SiriusXM's The Jess Cagle Show in November 2020. "But luckily, I know that's not the case for everybody that it sometimes can, you know, persevere for the entire pregnancy. So, I'm lucky that that kind of trailed off and I feel much better now."

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She has also continued to update her followers on her pregnancy journey over social media. In September of last year, she also expressed how much she missed her favorite foods

"Just sitting here thinking: will I ever enjoy coffee again?" the Princess Diaries star wrote on Instagram at the time. "It's one of my major food aversions right now (and I know— probably for the best) but it makes me sad because I used to dream about coffee before bed."



The "When I Wasn't Watching" singer also took to her Instagram Story in November to talk about the symptoms she was experiencing. 


She wrote, "Question for third trimester pregnant friends- is anyone else suddenly nauseous, exhausted, and weepy? What the heck??"

While there were certainly challenging times, Mandy is excited about being a mom. In an interview with Romper, the artist explained how it's finally hitting her that she will be a parent. 

"The little things kind of get me," Mandy told the outlet. "Like, I was online buying pacifiers yesterday and I just turned to my husband and I was like, It's real. There's going to be a little human that needs a pacifier."