Why Katherine Heigl Chose Firefly Lane to Make Her TV Return

By Allison Crist Feb 03, 2021 7:22 PMTags

Katherine Heigl is finally back on the small screen, and fans have Firefly Lane to thank. 

The Netflix series—an adaption of Kristin Hannah's 2008 New York Times bestseller of the same name—stars Heigl and Sarah Chalke as two longtime friends who go through major drama over the years, and as the former Grey's Anatomy actress explained on Wednesday, Feb. 3's Daily Pop, she immediately fell in love with the story and the pair at the center of it, Kate and Tully.

"The script came and I was like, 'Oh my god, this is beautiful and it is just what I've been looking for,'" Heigl told E! News' Carissa Culiner

"I just deeply, deeply respond to the sort of human stories where there is all this relatable relationship stuff, but also just the heartbreak and the tragedy and the triumphs and the laughter is the whole kit and kaboodle for me," she continued. "I love it."

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What makes Firefly so unique is that Kate and Tully don't remain the same age—instead, the series follows the pair as teens, young adults and women in their 40s.


"It was just really exciting to me, the idea of getting to tell this story of these two women and spanning over all these decades," Chalke told E! News. "That was so unique. Not just getting to play this person at 40, but also at 20."

Hear more from the Scrubs star and Sarah Chalke in the above Daily Pop interview. 

Firefly Lane is now streaming on Netflix.