Jessie James Decker Unveils Her Fitness Transformation After "Stepping It Up" in the Gym

Jessie James Decker took to Instagram to show off her stellar physique after pumping up her workouts for 2021. Keep scrolling to learn how the mother of three keeps her body in amazing shape.

By Mona Thomas Feb 02, 2021 9:49 PMTags
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Jessie James Decker is flexing her gains for the ‘gram! 

The "Flip My Hair" singer has been putting in work at the gym for 2021 and it's total inspo vibes.

"The top of this year I decided to really step it up in the gym! Build more muscle, get my core in order and get stronger!" she wrote in the Instagram caption alongside a photo of herself in the gym. "I know my core will probably never be as strong as it used to be but damn it I'm gonna try! I have goals and I'm not stopping until I'm there."

She ended the post asking fans, "What were your goals in January? Are you still sticking to it? #letsdothis #gettinstronger." Many of the comments urged the 32-year-old star to drop the workout routine.

"So are we getting the workout routine or...." wrote one fan. Another wrote, "I would love to see an example of your workout routine!!!"

Lucky for her 3.2 million followers, Jessie shared her tips with E! News on how she lost her pregnancy weight after welcoming her third child in April 2018 with husband Eric Decker.

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"I gained the quarantine 10, like everybody did," she confessed. "I mean, we were having, like, wine every night for a minute there. I'm like, 'Oh my god, this is not a good habit!' So we're back on a good program, I'm working out a few times a week. I'm eating well. And so I just feel good about it."

Fad diets? Not happening for Jessie, who admitted she doesn't "have the patience for that." She explained, "I wouldn't keep going back to something that didn't work." What does work for the proud mom—and has been working for five years straight—is regular gym visits and the South Beach Diet.


"I'll take one of my South Beach meals with me in one of my kids' lunchboxes," she noted. "I really should get an adult one." 

Even with the workouts and healthy eating, the country singer also had a special message for moms trying to get rid of baby weight.

"I always tell mothers, like, that should be the last thing on your mind," she stressed. "After you have a baby, please do not think about trying to lose weight. Just feed your baby. Love on your baby. You have a newborn. Your body is trying to heal. You will know when your body is ready. Don't listen to your brain telling you, 'Lose weight, lose weight.' You'll know when you physically feel like, 'OK, I feel like I'm ready to kind of have that energy and can run around.'"