The Miz Sounds Off on Bad Bunny After WWE Royal Rumble Face-Off

After their face-off on Sunday, Jan. 31 at the WWE Royal Rumble, The Miz revealed if Bad Bunny could hack it as a wrestler.

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A WWE Royal Rumble debut we didn't see coming.

In an exclusive chat with E! News, Mike "The Miz" Mizanin sounded off on Bad Bunny's debut at one of WWE's biggest nights. For those who missed it, the 26-year-old rapper took to the Royal Rumble stage to perform his hit, "Booker T."

Following the performance, The Miz and John Morrison pitched a collaboration with the Puerto Rican hit maker. Unfortunately for The Miz and Morrison, Bad Bunny had little interest in working with them. This snub thoroughly offended The Miz, who in turn destroyed Bad Bunny's equipment before entering the ring for the Royal Rumble.

Bad Bunny didn't stand idly by as he confronted The Miz, which resulted in the latter's elimination from the match. Oh, and he jumped on the Miz & Mrs star from the top rope.

And, if you know anything about The Miz, you can guess what he had to say about this slight.

"By the way, I was dominating, I think I took out like six people right away," The Miz exclusively told E!. "Then Bad Bunny comes out and distracts me. Look, I know that you have to have a head on a swivel when you're in the Royal Rumble match, but not from outside distractions."

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As he continued, The Miz said he never expected to be taken down by someone who did "not belong in a WWE ring."

He lamented, "To top it off, Bad Bunny gets on the top rope, jumps off it onto me to, not only disrespect me but, embarrass me. Not only in front of my peers, but in front of the millions watching at home. So, you can only imagine how upset I was and still am to this day."

Still, The Miz revealed he's open to hearing an apology from the "UN DIA" artist.

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"Maybe he should come to Monday Night Raw, where we can discuss what happened," he added. "And maybe I can make him understand the error in his ways. Maybe he'll apologize and maybe, guess what, we'll do a collab."

When asked if Bad Bunny could hack it in the WWE, The Miz had the following to say: "My favorite part about being a WWE superstar is everyone thinks they can do it. This has taken years upon years of hardcore training to become a professional wrestler, a WWE superstar."

Continuing on this point, The Miz said he and his fellow superstars make wrestling "look easy" but, in reality, "it's very difficult."

On Bad Bunny specifically, The Miz acknowledged that he couldn't speak to the rapper's athletic capabilities. Yet, he was willing to take Bad Bunny under his wing.

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"To be a WWE superstar, you are the cream of the crop. You are the best in your division. Look, he's the best at music. Stick to music," The Miz concluded. "Honestly, if I took him under my wing, maybe, just maybe, he'd be ready. But, anybody else? I don't think so."

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