Elon Musk and Grimes' Baby Boy Now Has a Haircut as Unique as His Name

Elon Musk and Grimes' baby got a new Vikings-style haircut. The singer decided to give X Æ A-Xii a little chop in the bathtub after she got inspired by this Netflix show.

By Lindsay Weinberg Jan 30, 2021 12:03 AMTags
Watch: Grimes Gives Her Son a Haircut as Unique as His Name

Now this is a haircut worthy of the name X Æ A-Xii

Grimes is showing off the one-of-a-kind hairstyle she gave her 8-month-old son on Thursday, Jan. 28.

She shared images of herself giving X Æ A-Xii a "Viking" haircut as he played with colorful (and no doubt top of the line) toys in the bathtub.

The "Oblivion" singer reached over the tub and used scissors to transform his blonde hair with a Mohawk-style cut that's sure to be all the rage at Zoom daycare someday. Grimes captioned the standout look, "not sure this haircut went well but he's Viking now." 

The musician welcomed the baby in May 2020 with her partner Elon Musk, the brain behind Tesla and SpaceX.

Grimes noted the 'do was inspired by one of her favorite TV shows, BBC's The Last Kingdom, which is streaming on Netflix. The historical drama centers on the Vikings' invasion of England in the 9th Century, based on The Saxon Stories book series by Bernard Cornwell

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The 32-year-old mom wrote, "Haircut inspired by the last kingdom on Netflix which is a masterpiece."

It stars Alexander Dreymon, Eliza Butterworth, Ian Hart and Arnas Fedaravicius.

If Grimes has half the influence over TV that Elon does over the stock market, we'd predict The Last Kingdom is about to get a serious boost in streaming. 

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After X's birth, Grimes explained the meaning behind his unusual name. She wrote, "X, the unknown variable" and "Æ, my elven spelling of Ai (love &/or Artificial intelligence) A-12 = precursor to SR-17 (our favorite aircraft). No weapons, no defenses, just speed. Great in battle, but non-violent."

She added, "A=Archangel, my favorite song." 

He's the seventh child of Elon, 49, who was previously married to author Justine Wilson and actress Talulah Riley.

Grimes revealed X is already taking after his dad in one major way: He loves space! In December, she shared a photo of the baby reading picture books about the Hubble Space Telescope, ensuring he's already on track to becoming the next tech whiz. 

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