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It's finale time on TV, and that means a veritable bonanza of births, deaths, weddings, love declarations, illicit assignations, consummations, character reveals and devastating departures.

Plus, which bubble shows are going to get pickups?

Read on for the scoop on all your favorites, including if Blair's dreams come true on Gossip Girl, who dies in the Prison Break series finale and who's back on the last episode of The Office?

Lisa in New Haven, Conn.: Did Kim Kardashian get plastic surgery? I read that someone goes under the knife on an upcoming ep of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

You read it here first that someone hits the plastic surgeon this season on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but it's not Kim. It's shockingly the least narcissistic person on that show: Bruce Jenner, Kim's stepfather. Kim confirmed the news on her blog today.

Laura D.: Do you have a Twitter?
Follow Watch With Kristin: @kristinalert

Jake in Louisville, Ky.: I'm handing in my Comic-Con V-card this year finally and couldn't be more excited. Along with getting to attend the last Supernatural and Lost panels, I was curious to know if you guys have heard anything about mastermind Joss Whedon being in attendance. Buffy will forever live at the top of my TV love list, and I'm just curious to know if I'll have a chance to stand in the presence of greatness.
Comic-Con without Joss Whedon is like Yalta without Winston Churchill. (And to be more specific, we've heard unsubstantiated rumors of a screening of the lost Dollhouse ep "Epitaph One.")

Robyn in Port St. Lucie, Fla.: Do you have any news on the NCIS spinoff being picked up? I loved the pilot episode they aired with NCIS.
Things are looking very good for an NCIS spinoff pickup.

Sean in Lewistown, Pa.: Any news on The Mentalist getting a pickup for the fall? I don't know what I would do without Patrick Jane!
The Mentalist
is a lock for season two.



Julie in San Francisco: A group of my friends and I always get together and watch Dancing With the Stars, and have become hooked on Castle since it airs right after. We were all wondering if there has been any news on it being picked up for a second season.
Good news: We won't know for sure until next week, but a source close to Castle tells us they are currently feeling optimistic about a renewal!

Jonathan in San Diego: Scrubs is my favorite show! What's up with all of the rumors that the show is returning next season?
reported today that it's looking good, but it'll go down to the wire (which is more or less next week). We did just ask Donald Faison (Turk) the same thing and here's what he had to say: "I don't know what's going to happen at this point. Everything's up in the air, that's the best answer I can give you. Right now, I don't think anybody is going to say no to another season of Scrubs." So, yay? Sounds promising, but looks like we will have to wait until upfronts to find out more.

Matt in San Francisco: With so many of the veterans leaving the Law & Order franchise, does that mean Vincent D'Onofrio will be next?
Good news! He's not leaving Law & Order: Criminal Intent anytime soon. Vincent says of sticking around, "As long as they'll have me. Absolutely."

Catherine in Richmond Hill, N.Y.: Any news on Glee?
We're going to the premiere party with the cast tonight, so send your Q's to tvdiva@eonline.com.

Lost, Elizabeth Mitchell


Vivenne in New York: So, when are you closing the Juliet-Kate-avec-Sawyer poll?
Consider it closed, and Juju wins by a landslide!

Denise in Poway, Calif.: I know it's still early, but do you know anything about the next season of Friday Night Lights yet?
Even though it looks like Riggins is headed to San Antonio State next year, Taylor Kitsch is willing to stick around Dillon. Taylor tells us, "With FNL, it's been an incredible journey and a springboard for me, and I will never say no to them. As long as they'll have Riggins back, I'll be back." Yee! And in the meantime, have you gone to see Taylor in X-Men Origins yet? Delish!

Jamie in Irvine, Calif.: What's going on with So You Think You Can Dance? I'm so excited for the next season!
They are still going through auditions now, but SYTYCD bigwig Nigel Lythgoe tells us to expect even bigger talent this time around. He says, "It's going to be good. It's one of those shows where they improve year on year." When we caught up with Nigel he was getting ready to head to Las Vegas where they were narrowing the 150 contestants down to 20, so get excited because more SYTYCD is right around the corner!

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross
Gossip Girl, Chace Crawford, Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick, Leighton Meester

Dara Kushner/INFphoto.com; Dara Kushner/INFphoto.com

Lindsey in Boston: Anything you can share about the Gossip Girl finale?
You know how we saw those Gossip Girl set photos where Blair kissed both Chuck and Nate on the street? One of them was a total fake-out. Teehee! In other finale news, Little J comes into her own (and there's a nice rapprochement between her and Blair), Gossip Girl calls Nate a whore, you won't realize Lily-Rufus spawn is already there until the very last minute and there's a hint that several familiar background faces might become recurring or even regular characters in season three. (We'll tell you more about the realistic prospects for those recurrences after you've all seen the finale on May 18.)

Scott in Ft. Collins, Colo.: What can you tell us about the Lost finale?
As Michael Emerson so impressively put it: The Lost finale will make you eat your soul. Also, stuff blows up, Jacob walks among us and we cry like crazy.

Sara in Rome: The last episode of Lost killed my Skate shipper heart. This should be the moment when you comfort us by telling us everything will be OK. Right? Right?
You guys have got to stop living episode-to-episode (you're going to give yourselves coronaries!) and start thinking long-term. Why? Because long-term, everything will be OK! Promise.

One Tree Hill, Chad Michael Murray, Hilarie Burton

Fred Norris /The CW

Lyla in Dallas: I need to know more about the One Tree Hill finale!
Are we sure this is a season (not series) finale? Because we've seen the last ep of One Tree Hill for this year, and all the storylines end so darn pleasantly! It's positively unnerving! What do you want to know specifically? Email us with specific requests, and we'll tease what we can later this week.

Shelby in Los Angeles: Can you give us some Grey's Anatomy finale spoilers?
Yeah right! Seriously, the things Shonda Rhimes would do to us if we so much as squeaked about the Grey's Anatomy finale would make Vlad the Impaler wince.

Rayni: Are Mark and Lexie ever going to get good screen time on Grey's Anatomy? Because they have had very few scenes together ever since they got together.
Chyler Leigh
told us this morning that yes, definitely, there will be more Mark and Lexie goodness in season six. We'll post the full interview tomorrow. In the meantime, Happy Mother's Day, Chyler, and thanks so much for talking to us just five days after giving birth. You're a rock star!

Sam in Mendocino, Calif.: Is Idris Elba gone on The Office?
Charles Minor (Idris Elba) is not gone for good. He's back in the finale for the company picnic. Michael may not be too pleased about that, but at least Holly Flax returns as well.

Kiefer Sutherland, 24


Barry in Arcadia, Calif.: Any Jack and Tony scoop on 24?
Jack finally one-ups Tony, but unfortunately, it comes with a price. Unless Jack helps Tony escape custody, Jack can say bye-bye to daughter Kim Bauer. By the way, we're screening the finale of 24 with the cast tomorrow, so send any questions to tvdiva@eonline.com.

Emily in Philadelphia: Is anything going to happen between Liam and Annie on 90210?
Liam makes fun of Annie in the 90210 finale, but there's nothing genuinely flirtatious going on. However, Liam definitely does have sex with someone who's not Naomi! Ethan and Silver, by the way, totally connect in this last episode. Could that be the beginning of a short-lived somethin'-somethin'?

Felix in Newport News, Va.: Need True Blood news!
You know how Sookie got attacked by that thing in the True Blood season two sneak peek? Bill recruits Eric to help save her—and a love triangle is born.

Jeremy in Chicago: I know it's far away, but have you heard anything about the next season of Nip/Tuck?
While chatting about Ryan Murphy's new show, Glee, Ryan teased the final season of Nip/Tuck: "The next season is really about the money, and it's about how the recession that were currently in, that seems will be going on forever, really affects the plastic surgery industry, because I think people are more worried about their car payments and mortgage payments than about paying for lipo or boob jobs. Sean's preoccupation in that next season is really about keeping his family and business afloat in troubling times."

Heroes, Masi Oka

NBC/Trae Patton

Ben in London: Heroes scoop for next season please!
Hiro's (Masi Oka) storyline for Redemption has a lot of time travel (so some fans who find that shark-jumpy won't be thrilled), but the payoff is said to be worth it.

Justin in Portland, Ore.: I'll take some Greek scoop if you've got it.
We've got plenty on tonight's episode, which just so happens to be Andy's (Jesse McCartney) last appearance on the show. That's probably because Rusty comes clean about kissing Andy's girlfriend, Jordan. Andy's not the only one leaving: Max makes his exit for a month in this episode. In Greek love news, Dale gets some booty, Rebecca turns to Calvin for advice on being gay and Ashleigh's still hiding her new boyfriend, which includes taking him to a lesbian bar.

Mitchell in Orlando: We never get scoop on Cupid, what's the deal?
This week Trevor (Bobby Cannavale) tries to set up a radio jockey with a girl he's only talked to on the phone.

How I Met Your Mother, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris

Michael Yarish/Fox

Rachel in Seattle: What can you tease for the season finale of How I Met Your Mother?
In case you missed the exclusive video from our set visit, Josh Radnor (Ted) spilled that he's becoming a teacher. Also, Alyson Hannigan returns in the season finale and announces she's pregnant. Before you get too excited, she's not, but Marshall doesn't know that until after he mentions she's been getting fat. What else happens? Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) doesn't get a chance to profess his love to Robin (because something better happens), the goat is back in the finale and Ted gets his ass kicked. Yes, those last two things are one and the same. The HIMYM finale is May 18 at 8:30 p.m. on CBS.

Mindy in Portland, Ore.: Any news about Leonard Nimoy on Fringe?
Spock Prime rules! On Fringe this season, Nimoy's just in one little scene, with Anna Torv. She tells us, "It was a tiny, tiny, tiny little scene, but I think we'll pick on it when we come back. He was lovely. How exciting that he's a part of our show, and that he's William Bell, no less! How exciting that we get to meet William Bell and not just talk about him for another season!"

Gretchen in New Orleans: I need news about Booth and Brennan hookup on Bones this Thursday!
Yes, the Booth and Brennan hookup is baby-making sex, but it's not just a clinical, uh, insemination. (Are we allowed to say insemination on the Internet?) From what we've seen, there's a lot of romance and sensuality involved in the long-awaited consummation of Booth and Brennan's relationship. Whee!

Cash in Memphis, Tenn.: What can you tell us about Criminal Minds?
All those hours you've put into watching swine flu coverage on CNN will make you even more paranoid during Wednesday's episode when a dangerous strain of disease is unleashed on the population. Oh, and our baby boy Reid is in grave danger. Sniffle.

Carrie in Charleston, S.C.: Any news about Army Wives? I can't wait for June!
Denise is in truh-bul (both personally and professionally), Roland is in the bell jar and Emmalin is bratting out badly. Army Wives returns to Lifetime on June 7.

Prison Break, Wentworth Miller, Sarah Wayne Callies

Bill Matlock/FOX

Brenda in Los Angeles: How about a little hint on who the mystery guest is that you teased for the series finale of Prison Break?
Your hint: Many of you guessed correctly in the comments of our last Prison Break item. How about we hint something else from the item? There's actually more than one male who dies, and more than two females are taken hostage. But the real tease is here: We do meet Michael Jr. before the two hours are up.

Dea in Pristina, Kosovo: As a Michael and Sara fan, did you like the finale of Prison Break?
As Michael and Sara fans, we literally cried tears of joy at the present-day ending of Prison Break. The future ending of Prison Break, on the other hand, brought a different kind of tears. There's quite some time between the present and future endings, so technically, Michael and Sara do have a happy ending.

Pamela in Boston: Have you heard anything about the cliffhanger on Breaking Bad?
The finale is actually quite reminiscent of Weeds. Bryan Cranston teases, "I can say that everything that my character has been working to protect—his family—could come falling apart completely. Everything is in jeopardy, and I get closer and closer to being caught by my brother-in-law who is the DEA agent. Then my drug partner, Jesse, develops a relationship. He's really crazy about this young girl, and I don't like her, so things come to a head because I don't like the influence that she has on him."

Hannah in Niantic, Conn.: I need some scoop on the final season of Monk.
Even though this is the final season of Monk, don't expect him to be completely cured of his OCD by the end. Says Traylor Howard, "I don't know that I would relish Monk being 100 percent cured or normal, because we could leave the window open that there might be something down the road like a TV movie or a movie—a feature—or a Broadway musical!" A Monk musical? We're in!

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—Reporting by Natalie Abrams, Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna, Jennifer Godwin and Megan Masters

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