The Bachelor’s Brittany Galvin Addresses Allegations That She’s an Escort

One of The Bachelor's new arrivals, Brittany Galvin, is clearing things up after fellow contestant Anna Redman spread rumors about her working as an escort.

By Lindsay Weinberg Jan 29, 2021 9:24 PMTags

Brittany Galvin just joined The Bachelor on Monday night, and she has already become a target for the other women.

On the Jan. 25 episode, fellow contestant Anna Redman spread rumors that the 23-year-old model is actually an escort. Brittany denied the accusations on air, and she's now addressing the gossip once and for all.

On Jan. 28, she posted a lengthy message on her Instagram Story to deny the allegations, while also defending sex workers from undeserved public shaming.

Per Cosmopolitan, it read, "It's 2021 you know how prominent sex workers are in this world? Or how many people have OnlyFans? Why are we still judging others."

Brittany added, "Again, to make it clear I am NOT an escort. And for the people who are, don't let others tear you down. Keep sharing your stories with me because they are all so powerful. I'm here to support you like how you have to me!"

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The Chicago native told the show's viewers to "focus on yourself" instead of coming after her. She then explained why she decided to address the rumors, instead of ignoring the speculation.


Brittany said, "If this happened to me in the real world I'd brush it off because I know my truth. But how would you react when someone tries to exploit you to the world with an accusation that could affect your career, reputation and future relationships."

She took the high road by including another post that basically asked Bachelor Nation to forgive Anna for the drama, instead of sending hate her way. 

"Lastly, yes it was a s--tty thing to do, but let's not destroy someone's life over it. Bringing others down is exactly what I don't want. We are bigger and better than that. Love you all," wrote the model, who is signed to the Wilhelmina agency.

Speculation about her line of work was seemingly teased in a December promo for The Bachelor, which included a snippet of a conversation of people discussing whether someone was a "sugar baby" or an "escort," allegedly saying, "she may be having a transactional relationship with wealthy men."

Shutterstock, ABC/Craig Sjodin

When Brittany made her debut on the dating show, she introduced herself as a "sexy and sassy" monogamist looking to move to New York. She arrived along with Catalina MoralesMichelle Young, Kim Li and Ryan Clator to try to win over leading man Matt James.

E! News got an exclusive first look at next week's episode, and it appears karma might finally be catching up to this season's mean girls, Anna and "Queen" Victoria Larson. It looks like Matt gets wind of how the women are bullying Brittany over the escort rumor, and tells them all, "There's a culture of bullying, and now I gotta deal with this."

See the new promo here.

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