Zendaya Reveals Why She Likes to Give Herself a "Little Space" From Social Media

In a new podcast interview, Malcom & Marie star Zendaya discussed her relationship with social media and if she is really the one behind her Instagram account.

By Mike Vulpo Jan 29, 2021 6:19 PMTags

Zendaya is doing her part to make sure social media stays authentic.

With more than 85 million followers on Instagram alone, the former Disney Channel star has developed a large and loyal fan base. And according to the 24-year-old actress, she's the only one logging in and interacting with those followers.

"I'm very, very particular about my Instagram so nobody has access to it other than me," Zendaya revealed on The HFPA in Conversation podcast. "I think it's important to a degree to be honest with that stuff."

And compared to other A-list celebrities in Hollywood, Zendaya isn't one to post every day. Instead, she explained her limits when it comes to social media.

"I was far more active when I was younger, but overtime I think I just—it's not that I hate it or anything—but I would find sometimes that being on it would kind of make me anxious or I would start to overthink a little too much or be on my phone too much," she explained on the Jan. 29 episode. "My relationship with all of it is my own and it is personal to me, but it is also something that I like to keep a little space with too."

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She continued, "I think my fans who have known me and who I feel like really understand me respect that because they understand that I am a human being and I think they want me to have a life and want me be happy and exist beyond social media."


Ultimately, the attention and spotlight is something Zendaya finds relatively normal. After moving to Los Angeles with her dad at 13, the former Shake It Up star quickly learned how to deal with curious fans.

Fortunately, she credits her family and support system for keeping her mentally healthy and on the right track. 

"I have a fantastic support system," Zendaya explained. "I have a lot of siblings, wonderful parents. Just people that protect me and love me, and I think those people are the ones that make what I do possible because it's not always easy so that support system is really important."

And as the actress prepares for the release of her upcoming Netflix project Malcom & Marie, Zendaya wants to remind her fans that she sees you on social media—even if she's not posting day after day.

"I'm always there," she reminded fans. "They know that I'm there. They know that it's really me, but it is an important thing for me to have my own time and not be so sucked into a phone."  

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