Christian Bale sat down with E!'s Jason Kennedy over the weekend to talk about his upcoming blockbuster, Terminator: Salvation. Of course, Bale's infamous fit during filming was a big White Elephant during the junket that had to bitched about.

C.B. apologized after the incident happened and has already taken responsibility for the way it was handled.

"It's not like I'm trying to give reasons for it, or say I'm not to blame fully. I am. I'm saying that completely. So, what more is there to do? If people want to hold that against you they will."

So are people who worked on the film still holding it against him? We checked around to see if it all had really blown over.

"That lighting guy was a piece of work" dished a crew member close to the Terminator set. "This wasn't the first time he messed up. And it was in Christian's scenes a lot. There isn't an excuse for how [Christian] handled it, but everyone had had enough. The guy apologized, people need to get over it."

Some of Hollywood's big shots have come to Bale's defense, and we're told the young crew members don't hold it against him either.

Must 'fess, we're over it. He did take responsibility for it all, and didn't try to spin press out of a nasty sitch every chance he got (à la Miss California). An apology seems to suffice, time to move on.

Check out the video above, where Christian talks more about it all and dishes how he doesn't pay attention to all of the nasty press he got.

"I like remaining oblivious...That can likely stop your enjoyment, or want to quit. So I don't allow it to."

That having been said, Christian did hear the hilar rant remix.

"It was a good remix; they did a good job," joked Bale.

—Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder

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