Jennifer Lopez Reveals What Matthew McConaughey Said to Her Before Their Kiss in Wedding Planner

For the 20-year anniversary of The Wedding Planner, Jennifer Lopez recalled exactly what Matthew McConaughey told her before their big on-screen kiss.

By Lindsay Weinberg Jan 26, 2021 10:14 PMTags
Secrets About The Wedding Planner

The pair laughed, as Jennifer added, "I remember that clearly."

J.Lo went on to recall another iconic scene, in which she was almost hit by a dumpster while trying to get her shoe out of a street grate. 

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She shared, "One of my favorite lines in the whole thing, one of the reasons why I love that script was, 'You smell like grilled cheese and plums,' I think I said, which is probably one of the best smells in the world. It was just the idea of her fading out and this Prince Charming just rescued her and her saying, ‘You smell like grilled cheese and plums.'" 

Matthew definitely remembered the moment well, telling her, "That was the day… I was like, 'Oh, J.Lo is baller,'" because she hurt her ankle while doing the stunt herself.

The Gentleman star explained, "A lot of people wouldn't have done that. And I think that was the day when I was like, 'Oh yeah, J.Lo breaks a sweat,' meaning when you're on set you love to do the work and you want to do all of the work, even stuff like that that could be potentially dangerous. I remember that." 


She agreed it was a tricky stunt to pull off, but Matthew promised her he wouldn't be "tardy" in pushing her out of the way.

"It was close sometimes. We had some close calls there," the 51-year-old star said. "You were the hero for sure that day. That was so much fun."

Later in their chat, Jennifer also spoke about one of her upcoming projects, Shotgun Wedding. She broke her silence about the film following the departure of Armie Hammer, who will reportedly be replaced by Josh Duhamel.

Although the "Love Don't Cost a Thing" singer did not confirm the new casting, she hinted that she had been hoping for a real-life Wedding Planner reunion by having Matthew step in for Armie. 

She said, "I am about to go off and do my first movie in the bubble, as they call it, Shotgun, which would have been so—I actually was like, 'We should do that one together.'"

Though they likely won't appear side-by-side in Shotgun Wedding, there is hope for a future film together. "I have more that's coming up and we're going to do something again baby," she added. "Because we have to do something again. It's been too long. 20 years is too long."

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