Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s 3-Year-Old Son Billy Hilariously Steal the Show During "Family Meeting"

While WFH, Jimmy Kimmel sat his family down to have a mock workplace harassment seminar. Keep scrolling to see if his two adorable toddlers, Billy and Jane, got the message.

By Mona Thomas Jan 26, 2021 2:49 PMTags
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There may be more than one star in the Kimmel household.

During the Monday, Jan. 25 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, host Jimmy Kimmel had a mock "Workplace Harassment Training" meeting with his current co-workers: his family.

During the nearly five-minute clip, the late-night host sat down with his wife Molly McNearney and their two kids—Billy, 3, and Jane, 6,—to have a serious conversation.

Before the proud dad could even begin laying down the law about appropriate work from home behaviors, Billy was already licking spilled juice from his juice box off the table.

"Okay now he's dripping the juice onto the table and licking it off," Jimmy stated as Jane giggled next to her mom. The Emmy winner then asked his daughter, "Is that appropriate workplace behavior, Jane?" Which she and her mom agreed was not.

Even Billy gave his "no" to his behavior as he continued to lick the table.

Jimmy then moved on to age-based harassment, and asked Jane if she knew his and Molly's age. "32," she guessed for her dad, which of course the 53-year-old went along with. As for mom, she guessed "something in the 20s."


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And while the 42-year-old writer humbly accepted the innocent guess, Jimmy jumped in and hinted, "Mommy is 21 twice."

Next, Jimmy touched on religious harassment. He asked Jane if she believed in god, which she said "yes." And for Billy? Well, he was still slurping his juice off the table.

Weight harassment followed, and Jane was quick to call her dad "heavy" when he asked her if he was "heavy or light."

"See now, that's harassment," he stated before asking Billy his opinion. Jane whispered the correct answer to her brother, to which Jimmy joked, "I'll sue you if you do that again."

The new co-workers also covered name calling, physical harassment—while Billy grabbed his dad's nose—and grey areas, like when Molly looks at Jimmy "like a piece of meat."

The clip ended with everyone signing a contract, except for Billy who was under the table biting Jimmy's leg. Someone call HR.