Southern Charm's Madison LeCroy Posts Jay Cutler "Receipts" After His Kristin Cavallari Reunion

Madison LeCroy took to Instagram Stories over the weekend to set the record straight on where she and Jay Cutler stand.

By Alyssa Morin Jan 24, 2021 6:44 PMTags
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Madison LeCroy is spilling the sweet tea.

After responding to romance rumors two weeks ago, the Southern Charm star took to Instagram over the weekend to set the record straight on where she and Jay Cutler stand.

If anything, the Bravolebrity's timing couldn't be more interesting, as her candid posts come just two days after the retired NFL player reunited with his ex Kristin Cavallari. The duo cheekily posed with each other and shared the same cryptic caption on Friday, Jan. 22: "The world is full of users. 10 years. Can't break that." 

Following the exes' hangout, Madison made it known that she was feeling "unbothered." What's more? She said she couldn't "wait to clear this up," and staying true to her word, the 30-year-old reality TV personality shared screenshots of alleged texts between her and Jay.

However, it's unclear when they exchanged messages. Moreover, E! News has reached out to both stars' reps for comment on the validity of the screenshots, and we have yet to hear back.

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"Good morning," Madison began her video on Instagram Stories on Sunday, Jan. 24. "Yes, so it looks to me like I'm gonna have to drop some receipts... I hate to do that."

But of course, the Bravo star proceeded to do just that. In her following post, she uploaded an alleged text exchange she had with the 37-year-old athlete.

"What were you coming here for? Cause you didn't tell me anything," Madison wrote, to which Jay responded, "To hang out with u... Do you want to hang out next weekend?"


The former quarterback claimed he had booked a flight to see the Southern Charm star, texting, "Ok. Don't stress about it. I bought the flight yesterday because it was the last direct one. If it doesn't work out I can change it to some other time."

In a separate post, Madison shared an alleged screenshot of another exchange she had with Jay. Unlike the first messages, the former Very Cavallari star appeared to be in a different mood. 

"It was insinuated and my name was also brought into it which I didn't appreciate," he allegedly told Madison, however, it's unclear what the context of the message was.

"Jay," Madison responded, "ive done nothing but respect you and your privacy... I respect you and I respect your family and I would never say anything to jeopardize you and your family."

Jay replied, "Didn't seem like that was the case. Maybe it was accidental. I don't know. No one wants this mess. I appreciate you saying that. I think we can all respect each other moving forward. At the very least."


Madison later referenced Kristin, texting, "I am disgusted by this whole situation. You reached out to me... your intentions may have not been pure but that might be you projecting. I've never said anything about Kristin nor would I."

"I came into this honestly with good intentions," her message continued. "I want no part of being involved in a [sic] payback or drama. But you initiated and pursued."

She captioned her post, "I kept my mouth shut until I get called a liar..." Shortly after, Madison uploaded a selfie of her and Jay, writing, "Too bad it didn't work out."

Tangling this web even more, Kristin was spotted hanging out with Madison's ex Austen Kroll last month. 

Of course, the Uncommon James founder quickly shut down any rumors about her and Austen. "I didn't realize I wasn't allowed to have FRIENDS that are guys," Kristin shared on social media on Dec. 15.

Although Jay and Kristin recently reunited, a source exclusively told E! News nothing has changed between them. "They are friends and they are single," the insider explained. "They will always have each other's back."  

At this time, Jay has yet to publicly comment on Madison's Instagram posts.