The Bachelorette's Tayshia Adams Reveals How She Spices Things Up With Fiancé Zac Clark

How do Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark keep their relationship going strong? During a recent podcast episode, The Bachelorette alum revealed how they "spice it up."

By Elyse Dupre Jan 22, 2021 5:11 PMTags
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Zac Clark and Tayshia Adams know how to keep the spark alive. 

During the Jan. 21 episode of the podcast Click Bait With Bachelor Nation, The Bachelorette alum revealed how the season 16 pair "spice up" their relationship. The topic came up while discussing how couples can sometimes fall into a dull pattern. 

"I feel like a lot of people tend to run into a routine," Tayshia told her co-hosts Joe Amabile and Natasha Parker, "which in turn makes them bored, which then turns into a failed relationship because then you just start getting, like, antsy. You want to go do more things. You just are—I hate this—'I'm unhappy.'"

The Orange County celeb then explained her objection. "I hate that in a relationship. I hate when people are like, 'I'm just not happy. I want more.' So make it more," she said. "Like, figure out what spices up things."

Tayshia noted this doesn't have to be anything "crazy." For instance, she said she and Zac usually end their nights by watching Kingdom but recently decided to switch things up a bit.

"The other day, I was like, 'You know what? I'm not watching it. Like, let's not watch Kingdom. Let's, like, blast some music, order some good food and let's just, like, talk and chill,'" Tayshia recalled. "And we started dancing around the freakin' house. Like, we had some really good conversations. And it's just changing up the routine. That's how you spice it up. I don't know. You think things are boring, but they're not."

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She also suggested they love a good board game, and it looks like they enjoy dressing up, too. For Zac's birthday, Tayshia had him wear a Curious George costume and she donned a Man with the Yellow Hat ensemble.


"Curious George and the Birthday Surprise!" she wrote alongside a few photos and videos of the duo. "How am I doing with the promise I made to keep that smile on your face!? I love you the most, Clarky!! Had the best time celebrating your birthday with you!"

While she's from California, Tayshia has been spending time in New York with her new fiancé. In fact, she said she plans on living bicoastal and wants to "spruce up" his "bachelor pad."

Overall, it seems like the reality stars are enjoying this new chapter. "The one-way ticket to New York is an amazing start, and we're going to take it from there," Zac recently told E! News. "I think in 2021 we're gonna just focus on building off of this special foundation that we've already created and just learning more about each other, having some fun, traveling a little bit when we're able to. And I think everyone is asking about a wedding and we're going to have a big-ass party in 2022."

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