Katie Price Reveals the "Crisis Point" That Led to Son's Placement in Residential College

British TV star Katie Price is offering new details behind her decision to place 18-year-old son Harvey, who is autistic and partially blind, in a residential college.

By Ryan Gajewski Jan 22, 2021 3:37 AMTags
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British TV personality Katie Price is offering more details about her painful decision to move 18-year-old son Harvey into a residential college. 

In an interview with BBC Radio 4's Women's Hour on Thursday, Jan. 21, Katie explained that her oldest son, who is autistic and partially blind, had become destructive in order to spend more time with her. Harvey's father is her ex Dwight Yorke, a retired British soccer star.

"The crisis point was the point that my windows were getting smashed every morning because he wanted to be with me," the mom of five said, per The Mirror. "He knew, because he was big and strong, that he'd smash a window and then the driver wouldn't have him in the car because he'd go and smash the windscreen of the car, or he'd start attacking the driver."

The 42-year-old reality star continued, "He'd do that because he knew if he did that, he'd be at home with me because they wouldn't take him to school."

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She pointed out that she began researching full-time residential colleges in 2020 when Harvey turned 18. This will allow him to receive assistance from the trained staff, which has benefits to Harvey and his younger siblings.


"He wakes everyone up at night—it's always disturbed sleep," she said on the radio show. "He's been waking the kids up all the time, and he'd go for the kids. You don't want them worried. It was a crisis."

Katie also made it clear that although caring for Harvey has had it challenges, she "would not change Harvey for anything."

The Celebrity Big Brother alum previously opened up about the decision earlier this month. She had told The Sun that it will be "so upsetting" to not see him every day, but that "this is the best thing for Harvey, and we have to think positively because I don't want him to think I'm just getting rid of him."

As explained in The Sun, Harvey attended residential school for five days a week at the start of 2020 but returned home in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. Katie will learn in March 2021 whether he is admitted into her new school of choice.

A documentary about the mother and son entitled Katie Price: Harvey and Me will air Monday, Jan. 25 on BBC One.