Tim McGraw Recalls His First Reaction to Taylor Swift Naming a Song After Him

During an Apple Music interview, Tim McGraw shared his thoughts of Taylor Swift's 2006 song named after him. Keep scrolling for the adorable recollection.

By Mona Thomas Jan 20, 2021 2:46 PMTags
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Tim McGraw has all the praise for Taylor Swift.

During the latest episode of Essentials Radio for Apple Music, the "Humble And Kind" singer shared his thoughts on T.Swift naming a song after him on her 2006 self-titled debut album.

"Well, when I first heard ‘Tim McGraw', I mean, I thought it was a good song," the country star shared. "I was a little apprehensive about it when I first heard it. Then I thought, have I gotten to that age now to where they're singing songs about me? Does that mean I've jumped the shark a bit? Is everything still cool?"

Tim continued, "And then I realized that somebody had told me that she was in her 7th grade math class when she wrote the song, so it made me feel a little bit better about that because she was so young writing it. So I didn't feel like I was that terribly old."

The father of three then recalled the evermore artist opening for him and his wife Faith Hill on their Soul2Soul Tour.

Faith Hill & Tim McGraw Romance Rewind

"It was incredible. It was just her and her guitar and one other person," Tim remembered. "Just two people, her and another guy playing—I'm a big fan of Taylor's. I think that she has just such a unique way of connecting with her audience and her songwriting ability and her intuition is just so incredible."

Tim, after all the amazing notes he had for Taylor, further added, "I just think she's one of the greatest artists to come along in a long time."

Check out the full interview in the video above!