The Funniest Moments From the Celebrity Game Face Finale

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That's a wrap on season one of Celebrity Game Face!

While we'll definitely miss seeing Kevin Hart on our screens every Tuesday, the E! show host and executive producer made sure that tonight's all-new episode—which included contestants Cheryl Hines and Kyra Kennedy, Adrienne Bailon and Israel Houghton and Thomas and Jenny Lennon—ended the season on a high note.

How? By leading not one, but two hilarious games that involved food, recruiting famed choreographer Laurieann Gibson to once again judge the hilarious "Tik Talk Dance Off" challenge (which may or may not have threatened one couple's marriage!) and, as always, throwing in one final twist that changes the whole game. 

Find out who won the coveted Hart of a Champion trophy and check out the funniest moments from the Tuesday, Jan. 19 episode of Celebrity Game Face below! Then, keep scrolling to look back at some of this season's highlights.  

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Couple Quarreling

One game of "Pointing the Finger" was all it took to cause some infighting among the married teams!

For example, Kevin asked Adrienne and Israel who's more likely to check the other's texts, and though they both initially pointed to themselves, Israel tried to switch his answer at the last second, costing them a point. "I got confused!" he told his wife. "I'm sorry, bro. Sorry!"

"Are you also sorry 'cause you just called her 'bro?'" Thomas quipped before getting into a tiff of his own when it came time for him and Jenny to play.

The question that set things off asked who's more likely to get lost driving, and immediately, both members of the couple pointed to Jenny.

"I don't know how bad of an incident it was when you got lost, but the level of anger attached to his point," Kevin said to Jamie, laughing. "He almost punched you in the face!"


Fruit Tape Failure

"Suck It Up," a game inspired by a viral challenge that Kevin said his kids made him do, provided the contestants with a sweet treat—a roll of fruit tape—that they had to hang out of their mouths and eat without using their hands as fast as they possibly could. 

Cheryl ended up dropping hers (and on carpet, nonetheless!), Adrienne finished much later than Israel did and everyone made noises that were downright horrendous. But the whole thing was, of course, hilarious.

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A Twist Ending

Nobody—not even Kevin—saw this coming: Cheryl and Kyra went from being ranked dead last to winning the Hart of a Champion trophy.

They didn't gradually catch up to the other teams throughout the evening either! The mother-stepdaughter duo was in third place going into the very last challenge, however, because it was a big one worth 25 points, they were able to come out on top.

"I have never seen a comeback like this," Kevin said, awestruck. "They pulled off the unthinkable!" 

See more funny season one Celebrity Game Face moments below.

Terry and Rebecca Crews

One game required contestants to bid on the number of balloons they think their partner could pop in 15 seconds, and as host Kevin Hart ran the auction, Rebecca Crews just kept holding up her paddle. Eventually, the agreed-upon number became 10!

If that seems low, keep in mind that players could only use their butt. Luckily, Terry Crews was up for the challenge. He ended up popping his last balloon at the one-second mark, cutting it close enough for Kevin to demand an instant replay. But the results were conclusive: He did it!

Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick

In "Hit 'Em Up," teams had to call a friend or family member and get them to say mystery words selected by the other teams. While every iteration of the game brings the laughs, Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick's attempt was particularly hilarious. Why? They had to get Brooklyn's mom to say, of all words, "sphincter" and "condom."

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams

During a round of, "Who Dunnit?" contestants had to guess whether Sarah Hyland or Wells Adams had once "urinated on a subway track," as the latter described it. Joel McHale, despite saying that the "obvious choice would be Wells because, as you can see, he's filthy," guessed Sarah, while everyone else opted for Wells. 

However, Sarah was indeed the guilty one! "It was 4 a.m. in Brooklyn. The L train," she recalled. "I was a little bit inebriated—or a lot. And I really had to pee. But you know, the L train never comes!"

Terry Bradshaw

While competing alongside his daughter Rachel Bradshaw, Terry Bradshaw repeatedly complained that he couldn't find the light he wanted...even after trying the most creative of camera positions. At one point, The Bradshaw Bunch star asked if he could "Photoshop" his "lens," and sadly, none of his fellow competitors were able to offer any useful solutions.

"That's alright," Kevin Hart told him. "When you get older, you just put your face close to the camera."

Tracee Ellis Ross and Evan Ross

Sibling duo Tracee Ellis Ross and Evan Ross had to guess how the other would answer scandalous questions, and there was one particularly hilarious revelation. It came when Tracee had to answer whether Evan ever forgot the name of the person he was having sex with. 

The Black-ish actress responded with a confident "yes," and she was right! "I'm an artist," Evan said. "A lot of things happened up here...memory loss."

Rob Schneider (Plus David Spade)

Rob Schneider phoned longtime friend and fellow comedian David Spade during a round of "Hit 'Em Up," but in a hilarious turn of events, it turned out to be David's birthday—unbeknownst to Rob. 

"It's my birthday, loser," David said, prompting Rob to issue an awkward response. 

All was well in the end, though, because Rob had all the contestants sing happy birthday to his pal!

Joel and Sarah McHale

Alas, the Hart of a Champion Trophy in all its glory! Joel McHale and Sarah McHale earned the prestigious reward after competing in a number of hilarious challenges, but the funniest was, without a doubt, "TikTalk." 

As part of the game, Sarah had to verbally describe a TikTok dance while Joel carried out the moves based on her directions. Between Joel's shorts riding up—prompting Terry Crews to yell, "It's TikTok, not DickTok!"—and the couple's dog joining in on the fun, the round was full of non-stop laughs.

Raven Symoné

Raven Symoné didn't take kindly to Kevin Hart's decision that she couldn't use a chair while playing "Booty Shake." In fact, she ended up throwing said chair across the room in a fit of anger!

"As you can see babe, the tension is getting high," Kevin told his wife Eniko Hart. "And that's what happens. You gotta remember what they're competing for. This is all for the Hart of a Champion trophy. So, guys, I understand why temperatures are flaring. I understand why chairs are getting thrown. Nobody doesn't wanna not have that trophy. It's a trophy that people need! I get it!"

Rob Riggle and Darren Leader

Chubby Bunny has never been more hilarious than when Rob Riggle took a turn, tasked with naming as many fast food joints as he could while his mouth was stuffed with marshmallows. Through copious amounts of drool, the actor managed to get out even the most difficult of names, including "Wienerschnitzel."

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