Ana de Armas Cut-Out Spotted in Ben Affleck's Trash After Breakup

Following breaking news that Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas have split after just under a year of dating, a cut-out of the actress was discarded in the trash outside the actor's Calif. home.

By Samantha Schnurr Jan 19, 2021 2:30 PMTags

As they say, it ain't over until...the cardboard cut-out is in the trash?

That's at least the applicable version for Ben Affleck, who is newly single again after his and Ana de Armas' split was confirmed on Jan. 18. The two stars, who are set to appear opposite each other in August's Deep Water, had been dating since at least March 2020. "Both of them have completely full lives in a good way," a source told E! News. "There will always be that love."

While things sound amicable between the now-exes, the trash at Affleck's home painted a slightly more awkward picture. In photos published by The Daily Mail, a landscaper discarded a cut-out of the actress in a garbage can outside Affleck's Brentwood, Calif. home. 

It's not the first time the cut-out of de Armas has been seen. In June 2020, it was snapped by paparazzi after a prankster apparently left it outside the Oscar winner's house. 

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas: Romance Rewind

Now that de Armas is sporting a new 'do, the cut-out is a bit outdated. In a YouTube livestream on Jan. 17, the Knives Out star was seen with a '20s-inspired bob haircut featuring bangs. 

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While it's unclear why the two went their separate ways before the 1-year anniversary mark, a source told People, "They have had numerous discussions about their future and they decided together to break up." Another source told the website the split took place by phone. 

Though the exact timing of their breakup is a bit of mystery, de Armas reportedly traveled to her native Cuba without Affleck for the holidays. "Ana doesn't want to be Los Angeles based," a source told People, "and Ben obviously has to since his kids live in Los Angeles."

In the meantime, fans are still focused on the trashed cut-out. As one quipped in a tweet, "Swear this is the funniest and saddest thing I've seen this week."