Blake Shelton Vows to Lose Weight Before Marrying Gwen Stefani

Blake Shelton joked to Luke Bryan that he will try to lose 20 pounds before his wedding to Gwen Stefani​, after gaining weight while self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic.

By Corinne Heller Jan 15, 2021 8:45 PMTags
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Blake Shelton isn't going to let the quarantine fifteen weigh him down ahead of his nuptials to Gwen Stefani. But after experiencing some peer pressure from Luke Bryan, he may be shedding for the wedding.

In September, the 44-year-old The Voice coach joked on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that he "gained 117 pounds" as he self-isolated at home with his fiancée amid the coronavirus pandemic, adding that he was trying to lose weight. In an interview on his friend and fellow country music singer Bryan's Apple Music show Party Barn Radio, released on Thursday, Jan. 14, Shelton was asked what were the chances, on a scale of one to 10, of losing 20 pounds for his and Stefani's wedding.

"I feel like if I say 10, I have to do it," Shelton said. "So 10. It's out there now. I can't let people down."

"I've readjusted all the mirrors in the house, so they look like when you're taking a selfie from up above, because I can't even stand to look at myself in the mirror," he joked. "So I've rearranged them where they're kind of angled down, looking down on me, so I'm looking up and it's not so bad."

On Party Barn Radio, Bryan went on to interrogate Shelton about the chances of Stefani actually walking down the aisle to marry him. "I'm going with a 10, buddy," the star replied. "I got confidence."

Bryan also asked Shelton about the odds of making him his best man. "You know I told you earlier that I'm not good at saying no?" the latter star responded. "Perhaps I'll just blame this on COVID, again, and say, well, I don't know, Luke. Maybe we're just going to have a private ceremony."

Shelton and Stefani, 51, announced their engagement last October after five years of dating. She later said on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that the timing of the proposal was unexpected.

 "Didn't have any idea, nobody knew," she said. "I think he had told my dad on my birthday about two weeks earlier, and I gotta tell you, I was sorta like, What's happening with us?"

She added, "It was kind of in my mind like, we've been together a long time now. What's going on? I was in that place in my head."

On Thursday, Jan. 14, Stefani talked about her and Shelton's relationship and engagement on the Today show. "There was a lot to consider when you have so many people involved, children and their hearts," said Stefani, who shares three sons with ex-husband Gavin Rossdale. "And everybody in my family, his family, we all went through a lot together."

Stefani said she and Shelton always talked about marriage, adding, "I think that then as the years were going by, it was sort of like, it didn't happen and there was a lot of healing to do. I think that it was just natural. It's funny because he basically had the ring and it was right around my birthday. I was kind of getting a little bit anxious, like I was like, 'Wait a minute, what are we doing? I don't need to ever get married. What is happening? I started having a little insecurity. So it was right on time."