All the Times Joe Biden's Love for Ice Cream Melted Our Hearts

President-Elect Joe Biden loves his ice cream and we've got the pics to prove it.

By Allison Crist Jan 17, 2021 2:00 AMTags
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For President-Elect Joe Biden, a day without ice cream is practically un-cone-stitutional.

The future leader of the free world is a huge fan of the sweet treat, and he never lets anyone forget it! In his own words, spoken at the headquarters of Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream in May 2016, "My name is Joe Biden, and I love ice cream."

"You all think I'm kidding—I'm not," the then-VP added. "I eat more ice cream than three other people you'd like to be with, all at once."

Jeni's happens to be one of Biden's favorite ice cream suppliers, and the love seems to be mutual as the brand is releasing a brand new flavor in his honor: White House Chocolate Chip, which mimics the President-elect's go-to order of a chocolate chip double scoop on a waffle cone.

If that's not enough to convince you of Biden's enthusiasm for ice cream, consider the iconic declaration he made in 2010: "I am a genuine lover of ice cream. I don't drink. I don't smoke. But I eat a lot of ice cream."

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Yes, he does—and we've got the photos to prove it. 

Keep scrolling to look back at all the times Joe Biden's love for ice cream melted our hearts.

A Longtime Love

President-Elect Joe Biden's love of ice cream is well-documented, dating back to his time as Vice President. Here, he stops for a treat with none other than Sen. Sherrod Brown's mother, Emily Brown, while campaigning in Ohio in 2008.

Sunglasses and a Scoop

Yes, even the Vice President has to pay for ice cream!


Fun, unrelated-to-ice-cream fact: Ray-Ban Aviators have long been Biden's sunglasses of choice.

A Quick Cone

Biden's favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate chip.

Takeaway Treat

When we said "quick cone," we meant it. Biden took his sweet treat to go after stopping at Annabelle's Natural Ice Cream in Portsmouth, New Hampshire in 2019.


...But not before toasting a few of his fellow ice cream fans.

Strawberry Switch-Up

Biden appeared to have scored a scoop of strawberry over his usual favorite.

Double Trouble

A stop in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania called for not one, but two delicious desserts.

On the Move

Biden waves goodbye to Ellen's Homemade Ice Cream in Charleston, West Virginia.

Tonight Show Toast

Jimmy Fallon knew just what his interview with Biden needed.

Dairy King

Sometimes, you just need a simple scoop from Dairy Queen.

DQ Delight

A milkshake works, too.

Frozen Fun

Either way, DQ is always well-deserved.

Cones for Everyone

There's nothing sweeter than sharing.

Sky High Scoop

A day of campaigning calls for a serious scoop of ice cream. This time, Biden was in Monticello, Iowa at the Cone Shoppe.

A Tiny Tasting

Don't let the small cone fool you—Biden's only testing out different ice cream flavors during a visit to Little Man Ice Cream in Denver, Colorado.

Flavorful Fun

Nothing sparks a big smile like a sweet treat.

See, we told you—Biden loves his ice cream!