Gwen Stefani Reveals Why Blake Shelton's Proposal "Was Right on Time"

During an interview with the Today show, Gwen Stefani shared why she and Blake Shelton are getting married at the right time. Keep scrolling to see the heartwarming reason.

By Mona Thomas Jan 14, 2021 3:45 PMTags

Timing is everything. Just ask Gwen Stefani.

During an interview with the Today show on Thursday, Jan. 14, the Grammy winner gushed about her husband-to-be Blake Shelton and how she knew he was the one after meeting him five years ago.

"He's just such a good guy," she said with a smile. "He's one of the most generous human beings and down to earth. It all sounds so generic, but it's just so true. He's so gifted and so unique and talented and he really is just my best friend."

The "Let Me Reintroduce Myself" singer continued, "And I feel just so excited that I have someone in my life that now I have a chance at like, happiness, you know what I mean? For a long time to come. It's just a blessing, the whole thing and it is a miracle."

The timing of their introduction was, as Gwen called it, "weird," given she was going through a very public divorce from Gavin Rossdale while Blake had just split from wife Miranda Lambert.

As she explained, "You just don't see things that are right around the corner after such like, devastation."

When asked by Hoda Kotb if she was hesitant to remarry, Gwen said that there was just "a lot to consider when you have so many people involved" including her three children, who she shares with Gavin.

"I think in a romantic way when you fall in love so hard and so unexpectedly and so late in your life, you think, ‘I wanna marry you, like now!' That's the first romantic reaction," she explained. "Let's go get married, you know?"

However, the bride-to-be realized the couple had "a lot of healing to do" early on in their relationship.

So when Blake ultimately proposed back in October, she added, "It was right on time."

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