A History of the Most Fascinating First Family Code Names

Which U.S. President went by Eagle and which First Lady was nicknamed Renaissance? Check out these surprising Secret Service code names.

By Brett Malec Jan 21, 2021 2:00 PMTags

What's in a code name? A lot of history, that's what!

For over 75 years, U.S. presidents and first families have taken part in a long-honored tradition of going by nicknames symbolic of their personalities or legacies. Dating back to the early decades of the 1900s, the Secret Service originally began using code names for security purposes during times when electronic communications weren't encrypted.

While still used today for purposes of brevity and clarity, the practice has become more symbolic with Presidents and members of their immediate families choosing code names that all start with the same letter but hold individual personal meanings to each person (though they rarely publicly explain their choices).

Former President Barack Obama's code name was Renegade while First Lady Michelle Obama went by Renaissance. Their daughters Sasha Obama and Malia Obama were Rosebud and Radiance respectively.

Former President Donald Trump went by mogul, a nod to his businessman background, while First Lady Melania Trump, a former model, chose Muse.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' 2021 Inauguration in Photos

As for the country's newest President Joe Biden, who was inaugurated yesterday, Jan. 20 in Washington, D.C. during a star-studded ceremony, his Irish roots inspired his name Celtic while wife and current First Lady Dr. Jill Biden goes by Capri.

Scroll through the photo gallery below to see some of the most fascinating and intriguing Secret Service code names held by many past presidents and their family members.

Some may even surprise you.

The Bidens

Joe Biden - Celtic

Jill Biden - Capri

The Trumps

Donald Trump – Mogul

Melania Trump – Muse

Donald Trump Jr. – Mountaineer

Ivanka Trump – Marvel

Eric Trump – Marksman

Jared Kushner - Mechanic

The Obamas

Barack Obama – Renegade

Michelle Obama – Renaissance

Malia Obama – Radiance

Sasha Obama – Rosebud

The George W. Bushes

George W. Bush – Tumbler, later Trailblazer

Laura Bush – Tempo

Barbara Bush – Turquoise

Jenna Bush – Twinkle

The Clintons

Bill Clinton – Eagle

Hillary Clinton – Evergreen

Chelsea Clinton – Energy

The George H. W. Bushes

George H. W. Bush – Timberwolf

Barbara Bush – Snowbank or Tranquility

Marvin Bush – Tuner

Neil Bush – Trapline

Jeb Bush – Tripper

Dorothy Bush – Tiller

The Reagans

Ronald Reagan – Rawhide

Nancy Reagan – Rainbow

Maureen Reagan – Rhyme, Rosebud

Michael Reagan – Riddler

Patti Davis – Ribbon

Ron Reagan – Reliant

Doria Reagan – Radiant

The Carters

Jimmy Carter – Lock Master or Deacon

Rosalynn Carter – Lotus Petal or Dancer

Amy Carter – Dynamo

Chip Carter – Diamond

Jack Carter – Derby

Jeff Carter – Deckhand

The Fords

Gerald Ford – Passkey or Pass Key

Betty Ford – Pinafore

Susan Ford – Panda

Michael Ford – Professor

Jack Ford – Packman

The Nixons

Richard Nixon – Searchlight

Pat Nixon – Starlight

Patricia Nixon Cox – Sugarfoot

Edward F. Cox – Seminole

Julie Nixon Eisenhower – Sunbonnet

The Johnsons

Lyndon Johnson – Volunteer

Lady Bird Johnson – Victoria

Lynda Bird Johnson – Velvet

Luci Baines Johnson – Venus

The Kennedys

John F. Kennedy – Lancer

Jacqueline Kennedy – Lace

Caroline Kennedy – Lyric

John F. Kennedy, Jr. – Lark

Rose Kennedy – Coppertone

Ethel Kennedy – Sundance

The Eisenhowers

Dwight Eisenhower – Scorecard or Providence

Mamie Eisenhower – Springtime

David Eisenhower – Sahara

The Trumans

Harry S. Truman – General or Supervise

Bess Truman – Sunnyside

The Roosevelts

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt – Rover

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