Kevin Hart Helps a Former Loser Get Redemption on Celebrity Game Face

By Allison Crist Jan 13, 2021 4:00 AMTags
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Celebrity Game Face continues to come in clutch.

The E! show provides the perfect escape and plenty of laughs, and tonight's brand new episode was especially hilarious. As per usual, host and executive producer Kevin Hart led teams—Raven-Symoné and Miranda Pearman-Maday, Jack Osbourne and Kelly Osbourne and Sherri Shepherd and Lauren Marshall—through a fun and LOL-worthy game night, but there was a twist.

"The teams on this show today are all losers," Kevin explained at the start of the games. "Because of that, we're giving them a shot at redemption. This is a chance for them to do the unthinkable and win the Hart of a Champion trophy."

That's right: All of the contestants had unsuccessfully attempted to score the coveted trophy on past episodes. 

Everyone was feeling extra competitive, and naturally, things got out of hand. Keep scrolling to find out what you missed and which star-studded duo ended up winning! 

Funniest Celeb Game Face Moments Ever

Bye Bye Pie

"Helping Hands," the game that requires teams to eat an entire pie (that Kevin claims he makes himself), all while using tiny doll hands, was back and better than ever. "Hope you sent me a moist pie this time, Kevin!" said Raven, who made numerous complaints about the quality of the pie the last time she played.

The Celebrity Game Face host must've improved his recipe, though, because Raven finished the pie in no time and she and Miranda took first place in the challenge.

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Pointing the Finger

Stars' deepest darkest secrets—or as Kevin put it, their "unspoken weirdness"—always get exposed during this game, which requires each (blindfolded) team member to point to themselves or their partner after being asked personal questions.

Some of the most interesting revelations made this time around include: A young Kelly told her second-grade class what sex was, Sherri would not have hesitated to steal another girl's boyfriend in high school, Jack lost his virginity at 14 and Raven and Miranda both find one another's families annoying.

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From Losers to Winners

In the final minutes of the game, chaos ensued. Raven's wig was off, Sherri was attempting to rip her own hair out and Jack was preparing to strip—all because the competition was over and a winner had emerged.

Who? Raven and Miranda!  

"What an episode," Kevin said as the couple hugged their Hart of a Champion trophy. "Here on Celebrity Game Face, the undoable gets done. Losers of old become winners of new."