No, Below Deck's Chef Rachel Hargrove Didn't Tell Captain Lee to Go "F--k" Himself

For an exclusive chat with E! News, Below Deck's Chef Rachel Hargrove sounded off on her shocking outburst in front of Captain Lee.

By Alyssa Ray Jan 11, 2021 7:30 PMTags
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Chef Rachel Hargrove is already a Below Deck legend.

From her mouth-watering tasting menus to her expletive-filled confessionals, Chef Rachel has made her time on the upstairs-downstairs Bravo hit a memorable one. Of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention Chef Rachel's face-off with Captain Lee Rosbach over one elaborate preference sheet.

For those who missed it, the yacht chef declared, "Eat my cooter" and "Go f--k yourself" after Captain Lee presented the next charter guests' ostentatious demands. She then gave her notice the night before the guests were slated to arrive.

After letting the captain and crew stress about finding a replacement, Rachel returned and pulled off one of the most impressive meals we've ever seen on Below Deck.

Thus, during an exclusive chat with the Bravo star, we asked her if she had any regrets about her reaction to the preference sheet. At first, Chef Rachel gave us a simple, "No."

Yet, she then added, "In retrospect, knowing the guests themselves, they're amazing. But, the sheet itself warranted that reaction…I'm gonna own that s--t."

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As for supposedly telling Captain Lee to "go f--k yourself," the talented chef explained she wasn't speaking directly to the beloved Below Deck Captain.

"If you listen to the actual footage, I'm not telling him to go 'F' himself,'" she shared. "'Cause there's a very background part you'll hear, 'Not you, I love you.'"

Apparently, Rachel's shocking reaction was directed "to the whole" situation. According to Chef Rachel, "there was a lot that was happening that day" as she had just learned about COVID-19's arrival in Italy, where her boyfriend lived.

Chef Rachel explained, "I would never tell Lee exactly himself to go f--k himself."

Rachel went on to quip that if she did, she'd "be a complete spirit animal."

Laurent Bassett/Bravo

Although Rachel's departure from My Seanna was short-lived, bosun Eddie Lucas had a strong reaction to her briefly quitting. Per Rachel, she watched alongside Below Deck viewers as Eddie sounded off on the dramatic situation.

"I was surprised with the comments I saw in like, the last episode," she reflected. "Why didn't he just come and tell me, you know?"

As the chef told us, she would've been open to a conversation with the Below Deck bosun.

"Apparently, that didn't happen. So, I got to find that out on the last episode," the food expert continued. "I was all like, 'Yeah. Ok. That's cool.' Oh, I'm 'classless.' I'm cool with that—everybody has moments."

Rachel was referring to a comment Eddie made to Bravo about her behavior during one crew night out. In a previous episode, after having some drinks, Rachel chose to get up from the table and talk to other guests at the restaurant.

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Eddie later noted, "Crew nights out are supposed to be about the crew. Have some fun, have some drinks, come together as a crew. And it went fine at first but, then once enough of the sauce got into Rachel, she becomes a different person. It's rude and classless."

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