Sarah Jessica Parker Teases If Sex and the City Revival Will Recast Samantha

Sarah Jessica Parker replied to a fan on Jan. 10 who brought up the possibility of Samantha being recast for HBO Max's upcoming Sex and the City revival.

By Ryan Gajewski Jan 11, 2021 5:20 AMTags

As the world collectively lifted a cosmo to celebrate the news of the upcoming Sex and the City revival, fans couldn't help but wonder whether Samantha will be recast. 

Original cast members Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie), Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) and Kristin Davis (Charlotte) confirmed on Sunday, Jan. 10 that they are all returning for HBO Max's new series And Just Like That. They will reprise their beloved characters on the new show's 10-episode run that will feature a fresh story line and is set to begin production this spring in New York City. 

The one core cast member not scheduled to appear is Kim Cattrall, who co-starred on the original Emmy-winning series until it signed off in 2004 after six seasons and also returned for the two theatrical films. Kim has been vocal about not wanting to reprise Samantha Jones in future projects, and HBO Max did not offer any sense of whether her character will be written out of the plot or perhaps be recast. 

After Sarah posted about the revival on Instagram on Jan. 10, a fan replied to pitch a potential casting option. 

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"No disrespect to Kim, but if she's not participating please please please recast Samantha with the awesome Jennifer Coolidge," the individual commented. "I would line up and pay good money to see Jennifer as Samantha."

Sarah replied but not did offer concrete details about the future for the fictional public-relations expert. She simply wrote, "we have some new stories to tell. We are excited."

In response to another fan who commented that they "will miss Kim/Samantha," Sarah responded, "we will too. We loved her so."

The 55-year-old Divorce alum seemed a bit more optimistic about the future of Mr. Big, Carrie's longtime love interest who has previously been played by Chris Noth. "wait and see...," she replied to a fan's question about his return. 

Cynthia appeared on Watch What Happens Live in September, where she said that Kim was "incredibly great" in the role but that it would be nice to see a woman of color join the main cast.

"I've also heard many people say, including Kim Cattrall herself, that if we were to have a different fourth woman that maybe it would be a woman of color this time," the Ratched actress said. "And I think that would be amazing as well."