Jessica White Accuses Nick Cannon of Hiding Brittany Bell's Pregnancy in Tell-All Interview

In the midst of her own pregnancy loss, supermodel Jessica White claimed she found out then-boyfriend Nick Cannon was expecting a baby with another woman.

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Watch: Jessica White Accuses Nick Cannon of Hiding Brittany Bell's Pregnancy

Jessica White says there's much, much more to the story behind her relationship with Nick Cannon

The supermodel was in an on-again, off-again relationship with The Masked Singer host when a woman from his past unexpectedly announced she was pregnant with his child last June. At the time, some speculated Jessica was the other woman in this apparent love triangle, but new claims by the 36-year-old paint an entirely different story. 

Jessica broke her silence on Friday, Jan. 8's installment of FOX Soul's Hollywood Unlocked with Jason Lee, where she accused Nick of hiding former beauty queen Brittany Bell's pregnancy from her. 

"I found out on Instagram along with the rest of the world," Jessica revealed.

In fact, Jessica said that not long before Brittany announced her own pregnancy, she had suffered a miscarriage and was preparing to start In Vitro with Nick. 

"She was aware that I just had a miscarriage two weeks prior to her news coming out, because he told me that he told her," Jessica claimed. "I was living at his house, and she knew that as well."

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To add insult to injury, Jessica said she was accused of being a "home-wrecker" by Brittany's fans, explaining, "I was bullied for months with that whole situation."

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Despite the public humiliation Brittany said she endured, she remained committed to making things work with Nick. After all, the baby was conceived while Nick and Jessica were broken up and the state of their relationship at the time—at least from Jessica's perspective—felt stronger than ever. 

"We just had unconditional love for each other and we were friends," Jessica recalled. "When you have a really close friendship with a person, you just know each other... He understood me and my craziness and I understood his and we just meshed. We got along well. We were actually in a really good space before it ended."

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Nick's ultimate betrayal, according to Jessica, was his refusal to publicly defend her from critics following the baby news. After answering some "heavy duty questions" about her future with Nick, Jessica realized their relationship could never progress.

"He said he was going to right his wrongs and say something," she remarked. "He has yet to do that. I think he's a man of his word and he eventually will in his own time."

Jessica went on, "Stuff happens and I'm a very reasonable woman. For me it was, you know how private I am, and you know how sensitive I am and you know how emotional I am. You need to say something."

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On Christmas Day, Nick and Brittany announced the birth of their baby girl, Powerful Queen Cannon

"The best gift ever we have been surprised with... A GIRL!!!!!" Brittany, who is also the mother to Nick's son Golden, shared on Instagram. "Powerful Queen Cannon came this week perfect timing for Christmas. So much more to share. All I can say is that Nick was my rock through the most intense yet empowering natural water birth. It was nothing but POWERFUL..."

Hindsight is 20/20 for Jessica, who said she's confident that everything happens for a reason. 

"Emotionally I'll always care for him but it's matured," she remarked, adding, "I'm happy all that happened. I would still have to deal with a baby mother. I don't have to deal with that anymore."

E! News reached out to Nick's team for comment. He has not weighed in on Jessica's claims.