Watch Emily Meet a Man Who Already Thinks She's Famous in Dickinson Sneak Peek

Emily Dickinson is making a new friend in season two of Apple TV+'s Dickinson, and E! News has a first look.

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Dickinson's Emily Dickinson might not be famous yet, but she is to one man. 

In season two of the Apple TV+ series, Emily (Hailee Steinfeld) makes a new friend in the form of publisher and editor Sam Bowles (Finn Jones). E! News has an exclusive clip of their meeting, and Emily is absolutely shocked to discover that Sam has heard of her. 

"Of course, the famous poet!" he says when Susan (Ella Hunt) introduces her. "I've heard all about you!" 

Emily can't believe it. 

"Nobody's heard of me," she says, but apparently she's wrong. 

"Well, it's my job to know things before other people find out," he practically whispers. "I'm a news man. I gotta keep my ear to the ground. I gotta stay one step ahead. The world is changing fast and so is the news business, I tell you." 

After asking what's all over Emily's face (it's ink), Sam declares her "interesting." 

"I'm interested," he says as he exits. 

Interested like for his newspaper or for other reasons?! 

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You can watch the clip below!

Emily's romantic prospects in season one really did not pan out. There was her crush on her best friend Susan, but now Susan is married to Emily's brother. Then there was Ben (Matt Lauria), but he died of tuberculosis. Could Sam be another shot at love, or just part of Emily's journey towards becoming one of the most famous poets ever?

Samuel Bowles was a real person and known as a close friend of Emily's, and some scholars even believe he was the subject of three love letters Emily wrote to someone she called "Master," though there are many theories about who "Master" actually was. 

Season two of Dickinson finds Emily "pulled out of her private literary life and thrust into the public eye, while struggling with the sense that the pursuit of fame might be a dangerous game for her to play." 

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The series also stars Jane Krakowski, Toby Huss, Adrian Enscoe, Anna Baryshnikov and a revolving cast of guest stars including Wiz Khalifa as Death, Nick Kroll as Edgar Allan Poe, Timothy Simons as Frederick Law Olmsted, Ayo Edebiri as ‘Hattie,' Will Pullen as Nobody, and recurring guest star Pico Alexander as Ship.

Season one featured Zosia Mamet as Louisa May Alcott, John Mulaney as Henry David Thoreau and Jason Mantzoukas as the voice of a giant bee. 

Season two arrives Friday, Jan. 8 on Apple TV+. 

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