Watch Elizabeth Olsen React to WandaVision Theory Involving Mary-Kate and Ashley

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Elizabeth Olsen addressed alleged Easter eggs about her new show WandaVision. Scroll on to see her react to a theory involving her sisters!

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When it comes to possible spoilers, Elizabeth Olsen's lips are sealed.

During a virtual Jimmy Kimmel Live interview on Tuesday, Jan. 5, host Jimmy Kimmel grilled the actress over fan theories about her and Paul Bettany's new Disney+ series, WandaVision. While little is known about the show, other than it follows Marvel characters Wanda (Elizabeth) and Vision (Paul) living suburban lives, many Easter eggs have been popping up online—including one that involves Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen.

"I want to run a couple by you, I know you can't confirm or deny but I thought maybe we could get a read from you," Jimmy told Elizabeth before reading off the theories, starting with one about Vision's tie. "There are two dots inside the rectangle on his tie and then two dots on the outside and I guess the idea is that your characters are trapped inside something and also on the outside, where you either can't get in or can't get out."

So, is Vision's tie really a clue? Elizabeth's not entirely sure.

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"The thing is," Elizabeth noted, "all of these Easter eggs, even if they were real, they would go way above my head. So I have no idea."

Jimmy then moved on to a theory about a Maison du Mépris wine bottle, which translates to house of contempt or misery. Which, as Jimmy pointed out, could be saying that the series is "based on the popular comic House of M in which Wanda has a breakdown."

After hearing this theory, Elizabeth gave a shout-out to the show's prop master, telling Jimmy, "Our prop guy Russell would be a very clever man if he put that in."

Jimmy then ran one last idea by Elizabeth that involved Full House. "What about this one? Wanda bears a striking resemblance to these actors," the host said as a picture of Mary-Kate and Ashley flashed on the screen, "who played the role of Michelle Tanner on a sitcom from the '90s called Full House. Which would mean Uncle Joey is about to join the MCU."

In response, Elizabeth laughed, "That would be incredible. It is very meta the whole thing."

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Elizabeth previously shared how working on WandaVision reminded her of visiting her sisters on the set of Full House. Talking to Entertainment Weekly about performing in front of a live audience, the 31-year-old star said, "There was something very meta for my own life because I would visit those tapings as a kid, where my sisters were working." 

WandaVision is set for release on Jan. 15.