Miley Cyrus' Twitter page

Following famous people on Twitter all on your own can get kind of annoying. They'll clog up your home page with all their @ replies, good mornings, blessings and exotic fancy travel. It's overwhelming.

But still, there is some very important stuff going down on Twitter, and that's why we're here with our new Twitterverses column—to help you weed through Heidi Montag's God shout-outs to find the important stuff like what kind of big philosophical discussion Ashton is having right now. So like @iamdiddy would say, "Let's go people!!!!"

We've heard a lot of people that are always all "What is Twitter? Why do you Twitter? I don't get it!" Well, Twitter exists so we can help Miley Cyrus decide if she should have McDonald's again or not, which is really a tough question because she has seen Super Size Me and still craves it. This is crowd-sourcing, guys.

Khloe Kardashian is doing the usual "Good morning Twits! Ur blessed!!" thing famous people like to do. But what is interesting is she uses her mug shot for her profile picture, which is kind of awesome.

• John Mayer is ready for spring, so we can all kick off our winter skin to the corner of the room.

Ending up at a Mexican restaurant that doesn't serve booze on Cinco de Mayo is :( indeed, Lauren Conrad. We hope you gave them your sad stare.

Yesterday was a pretty serious day for Diddy, who had to put out an Amber Alert for his swagger, but it's all good today. He found it.

Tweet Topic—American Idol: Samantha Ronson comes to the defense of Kara DioGuardi and one of the dumb things she said. But everyone pretty much agrees, Adam Lambert's got it in the bag.

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