Brie Bella's Son Buddy Sees Snow for the First Time & His Reaction Is Priceless

By Allison Crist Jan 05, 2021 8:46 PMTags
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Brie Bella just unveiled what might be the most adorable photo of Buddy Danielson yet.

The Total Bellas star took to Instagram Stories on Monday, Jan. 4 to share numerous photos of her and her husband Daniel Bryan (born Bryan Danielson)'s 5-month-old son, but there was one snapshot in particular that stood out from the rest. 

Why, you ask? Because in said picture, Brie managed to capture one of Buddy's "firsts."  

More specifically, he can be seen witnessing snow for the first time ever—and alongside the picturesque Lake Tahoe, nonetheless! It would be a surreal sight for any kid, but especially one born in Arizona and growing up in California's sunny Napa Valley.

Buddy was clearly in awe, staring at the winter wonderland surrounding him wide-eyed and agape. "I know the feeling Bud," Brie wrote on the snap, which is made even sweeter when you realize how much Buddy resembles his big sis, Birdie Danielson

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan's Love Story

Brie shared photos of 3-year-old Birdie enjoying the colder temperatures, too: one that put her pink unicorn snow boots and Frozen-themed hat on display, and another of her and Bryan on a sled.


An equally heartwarming father-daughter pic can be seen on Bryan's Instagram, summed up perfectly by his caption: "Teaching Birdie to skip rocks on the lake."

All in all, the family of four is clearly enjoying their cozy winter retreat, and we can't wait to see even more snow-filled fun.

Check out the priceless photo of Buddy's first snow above, and keep scrolling to see all of his past cutest pics. Make sure you're caught up with Total Bellas, too—new episodes return this Thursday, Jan. 7.

All Smiles

"Buddy wanting to say hi!!!" Brie captioned this Insta from June 2022.

"A Hiking We Will Go"

Buddy smiled for a selfie while on a hike with mom and dad.

Messy Eater

Buddy got a little messy while trying ice cream for the first time, and Brie captured the hilarious moment on her Instagram.

Happy Holidays

Buddy and Brie donned matching plaid shirts while Christmas tree shopping in 2021.

15 Months

To celebrate Buddy turning 15 months old, Brie shared side-by-side pictures of her son and daughter at the same age.

Snuggle Time

Brie shared some snuggle time with her boy, captioning this sweet selfie, "His laugh is sooo contagious!!"

Happy Halloween

Buddy posed for pics with big sis Birdie in their matching Halloween outfits.

Bella Boys

Perhaps Buddy and his cousin Matteo Chigvintsev will follow in their mother's wrestling footsteps, as Brie captioned this Instagram picture, "Buddy is just missing his tag partner, Matteo!!! Bella Boys."

1st Birthday

Buddy celebrated his first birthday on August 1, 2021, and mom Brie celebrated the milestone with an adorable "Wild One" onesie.

11 Months Old

To celebrate Buddy turning 11 months old, Brie shared this sweet summery snap of her son.

Sweet Bud

In May 2021, Brie wrote, "My sweet Bud."

Just Like Mama

In this pic from May 2021, Brie revealed that her son Buddy inherited her personality.

Brie's Wild Child

Brie shared on Instagram, "Me and my wildling."

Sweet Potato Face

Alongside this adorable photo of Buddy, Brie wrote, "Sweet Potato Face."

Baby's Best Friend

Buddy gives the family dog a lick of his sweet potato snack.

Brie's Sweet Boy

Brie captioned this photo, "My sweet Buddy."

Eight Months

When Buddy turned eight-months-old, Brie posted, "My wild 8 month boy."

Baby Teeth

Brie Bella gave fans a closer look at baby Buddy's budding teeth in this March 2021 update.

Play Time With Buddy

Fans got another look at Buddy's baby teeth in this playtime pic.

Happy Buddy

Alongside this March 2021 photo of her son, Brie wrote, "Hi Buddy"

7 Months Old

In honor of Buddy turning 7-months old, the WWE superstar shared, "Can't believe my little Bud Bud is 7 months....sitting up, crawling and reaching out for me. He's my cuddle sweet little bug!!!"

Brie’s Babies

Brie shared a sweet selfie of kids Birdie and Buddy in February 2021.

Sitting Up

"And just like that, Buddy is sitting up," the Total Bellas star shared online.

The Disaster Artist

Alongside this February 2021 update, Brie joked, "He loves when his sister is out so he can destroy her room lol."

Mountain Man

Brie, Bryan, Birdie and Buddy ventured to Lake Tahoe for a winter getaway.

Happy New Year!

"Ringing in the New Year with these Party Animals!!!" Brie wrote online. "Happy New Year's Bella Army"

Bryan and the Kids

On this Christmas Eve post, Brie wrote, "Best gifts I've ever been given are these 3!!!"

Buddy's First Christmas

Brie took a sweet picture with Buddy ahead of his first Christmas.

All Smiles

While taking selfies of Buddy, Brie penned, "Happy face slowly into the please stop taking my picture face!!"

Done with Pictures

Unfortunately for Brie, Buddy was quickly over the selfie session.

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