10 Things You Didn't Know About Saweetie—By Saweetie

In her own words, Saweetie revealed the last thing she Googled, her fascination with pyramids and her favorite celeb she follows on social media. (Hint: She knows him intimately.)

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Our favorite celebrities may be open books, living their lives for all the world to see, but even they like to keep a few secrets. Until now. Welcome to E! News' 10 Things, where the stars themselves spill the goods just for you.

Get ready for the year of Saweetie.

After 2020 saw the rapper land her first top 20 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 with "Tap In" and an E! People's Choice Award nomination for The New Artist of the year, she's poised to deliver in a big way in 2021. 

First up is "Best Friend," her highly anticipated collaboration with Doja Cat, which finally drop Thursday, Jan. 7, after a premature release in early December. She'll follow that up by making her acting debut in the grown-ish midseason premiere on Jan. 21 with an arc that'll carry over into multiple episodes. As if that wasn't enough, she's also due to unveil her debut studio album, Pretty Bitch Music, sometime within the next 12 months as well.

Like we said: The year of Saweetie.

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Before all that, get to know her a little bit better—in her own words—as she takes part in E! News' 10 Things!

Brandon Almengo; E! Illustration

1. I think what had the biggest impact on my life is having young parents because it made me independent at a young age which prepared me for adulthood.

2. The one thing I want to do but have always been afraid to is have a kid. So one time on Twitter (you know how Twitter can be the black hole of internet) I saw a woman pushing out a baby. I knew that it happens, but I had never seen it like that before and it was traumatic.

3. My nickname growing up was Saweetie because that's what my grandma called me, and it's crazy that her pet name became my stage name. She called me that because I'm her sweetie. 

4. My mentors are my grandma and my manager Uncle Louis because they have so much game and wisdom. They always steer me in the right direction. 

5. The thing that most annoys my partner, Quavo of Migos, about me is that I am a wild sleeper. 

6. The next thing I hope (and know) I'll get is a Bugatti. I'm a car girl and I'd love to add to the selection. I know I just got a Bentley but a Bugatti is my dream of dream cars. I'd like to believe in another life I was a NASCAR driver. Purses are cool but I definitely want an elaborate car selection.

7. The last thing I Googled was, "How do streets get named?" I have this habit of Googling every time I have a thought, and one day I noticed the name of a street sign. I started thinking if I were to ever buy land, I'd have some cool street names. If it's your land, you should be able to name it however you want to name it.

8. I'd like to learn how to build a pyramid. I've learned that the mathematical construction behind pyramids is so intricate and almost impossible. So, I'd love to teleport back to that era and see how they built it. They say aliens built it, but I don't know. As we continue to evolve with technology and get smarter, we still somehow cannot figure out how they built those pyramids! It does show, however, humanity has been smart.

9. If I had to be a cast member on one reality TV show, it would be Shark Tank because I'm a business woman and I'd love to see if one of my ideas would get picked up and turned into a multi-million dollar corporation. My second pick would be one of those family activity game shows because I'm super competitive and so is my family. If we were to perform together, we would have a lot of fun.

10. My favorite celeb I follow on social media is Quavious Marshall because he's fine **laughs** and he posts cool things, so he's nice to look at.

—Edited by Billy Nilles

"Best Friend" hits streaming services on Thursday, Jan. 7.