Taylor Swift Says Goodbye to 2020 in a Beary Unique Way

Taylor Swift, who released two albums in 2020, raised eyebrows by wearing a bear suit on the final day of the year.

By Kaitlin Reilly Dec 31, 2020 7:57 PMTags
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Long story short, 2020 was a bad time—and at the very least, a weird one. That's why it shouldn't surprise anyone that Taylor Swift closed out the year in a truly unique way: by donning a bear suit. 

On Dec. 31, the "Betty" artist, who released not one but two surprise albums in 2020, posted a photo of her dressed up like the animal on Instagram

"Bye 2020," she wrote. "It's been weird."

Though the comments were turned off on her Instagram post, fans over on Twitter speculated about the meaning behind the costume. After all, Taylor loves an Easter egg and has previously hinted at major career moves with cryptic social media posts. 

One fan tweeted, "Not me thinking this relates to red re recording bc in we are never ever getting back together music video people were dresses as animals LOL."

Others noted that the bear costume could potentially be a reference to the 2019 horror film Midsommar (if you know, you know). As one follower put it, "Taylor Swift dressing as the bear from Midsommar was not on my 2020 Bingo List."

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Still, some Swifties had other theories. "I think that's what she's referencing. or maybe 'mad woman,'" another fan added, referring to the line in the folklore track that goes, "you poke that bear until the claws come out."

Whatever the reason, it's clear the artist has a big 2021 ahead. While some fans still speculate that a third surprise album could arrive in mere months, we know that the 31-year-old is already planning on rereleasing her previous albums in the near future. At the American Music Awards, where Taylor took home the honor of Artist of the Year, she teased that she's in the process of re-recording her previous work. The singer vowed to do just that after a battle with her old record company, Big Machine Label Group.  


Upon virtually accepting the award, she told the AMAs audience, "The reason I'm not there tonight is I'm actually re-recording of all my old music, in the studio where we originally recorded it so it's been amazing, and I can't wait for you to hear it."

The artist already shared one song with fans: a re-recorded version of "Love Story," which made an appearance in an ad for Match created by her friend Ryan Reynolds

Should Tay drop the rest of these re-recordings soon, we'll be in for a beary good time. 

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