Tom Hanks Reveals He's Now Bald and We're Not Sure How to Feel

Tom Hanks is not thrilled about recently getting rid of his hair, and he offered fans a quick peek at his new look. Check it out in the photo, below.

By Ryan Gajewski Dec 30, 2020 10:24 PMTags
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Tom Hanks appears to have booked a stay at the heartbreak hotel after saying goodbye to his hair.

The 64-year-old actor appeared on The Graham Norton Show on Tuesday, Dec. 29 and provided an update on the fact-based movie that he has been shooting in Australia. Let's just say that poor Tom will be delighted when the filming for this one is behind him.

"I am working on Baz Lurhmann's movie about Elvis PresleyAustin Butler is playing Elvis Presley," the two-time Oscar winner explained to host Graham Norton. "And here, let me show you the horrible haircut I have to have in order to portray Colonel Tom Parker. Check out this horrible—can you see that? Look at that thing!"

After showing a quick glimpse of the follicle-free dome he is sporting to portray the man who discovered Elvis and became the legendary singer's manager, Tom self-effacingly quipped, "I just scared the children. I want to apologize for showing that."

The News of the World performer then joked that he had another real-life personality in mind who he would like to resemble.

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"What I really want to do is just have a little tuft of hair right here and then a big, big beard, and then everybody would think I'm Graham Norton!" Tom exclaimed.

The Graham Norton Show via YouTube

The host loved the idea and pitched the star on playing him in an upcoming biopic. The actor replied, "Evidently, that's my gig now, so I only play real people in show business."

He and wife Rita Wilson announced in March that they had tested positive for the coronavirus while in Australia as Tom was shooting the Elvis film. They headed home to the United States later that month after they had recovered, and Tom returned to Australia in September to resume production

Clearly, he wants Baz Luhrmann to stop being cruel and let him have his hair back.