La’Darius Marshall Says He “Didn’t Mean to Scare Anyone” With Alarming Instagram Post

La'Darius Marshall, who starred on the Netflix docu-series Cheer, assured fans he is safe after posting about "crossing over."

By Kaitlin Reilly Dec 30, 2020 9:50 PMTags
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La'Darius Marshall, one of the cast members on Netflix's Cheer, went on Instagram to assure his followers that he is okay after posting an earlier cryptic post. 

On Dec. 30, Marshall shared a since-deleted Instagram post that read, "As I cross over tonight, I hope that you follow all that I have taught you in the past. My shackles have fallen. I'm free."

While some were concerned about what the cheerleader may have been implying with his words, Marshall's follow-up post illuminated the intention behind his words. The 22 year old posted a slideshow showing multiple images relating to spirituality as well as comments from followers who also confirmed Marshall was fine. The final part of the slideshow showed a video of Marshall smiling. 

"Everyone who knows me, knows that I have been on a spiritual Journey and doing a lot of shadow work with figuring out my souls purpose on this earth. Some people ask me how do I do it which is why I post about it a lot. I know my post may have come as a shock. I am in no pain only a blissful feeling of gratitude," he wrote in the lengthy post. "For everyone who has changed me for the better in this life. I started my journey my first year at Navarro and ran a lot from internal trauma. When I said the 'shackles fell off' it was more of a feeling of the restraint certain things had on me in order to elevate into my higher self. When I said 'ascension' people who know about spiritual journey knows it's you moving forward and higher into your purest form of self."

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He added that he "didn't mean to scare anyone" and that "no harm" was meant by his words. 

"Self love will wake you up to the world around you," he concluded. "God is always here to see it through to the end of times with you. Never let a single soul destroy what God made you of. Wake up today and CHOOSE PEACE."

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Marshall, who shared that he is survivor of sexual abuse on Cheer, raised similar concerns back in September when he posted another alarming message

"I am not what my media shows," he wrote. "I'm a broken kid who has lost his fight, his battle, and his war. Carry on with life, but keep me in your memories."

At the time Debbie Bonner, one of the cheer moms Marshall lived with during filming of the Netflix series, told fans that she was aware of the situation. 

"Thank you all for carrying for our Boy," Bonner wrote. "He will receive the help he needs I'll make sure of it. We will take good care of him."

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