2021 Celebrity Tarotscopes: A Psychic Predicts What's to Come for Your Favorite A-Listers

For an exclusive chat with E! News, mystic and tarot card reader Angie Banicki predicted what's to come for Lady Gaga, Rihanna, James Charles and more.

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Goodbye, 2020. Hello, 2021.

It's safe to say that 2020 was an unconventional year after the coronavirus pandemic essentially shut the world down. And, while this year had both ups and downs, we're eager to welcome in the new year.

Yet, as we found ourselves optimistically looking to the future, we couldn't help but wonder about what's to come for our favorite celebrities.

Thus, we turned to mystic and tarot card reader Angie Banicki, whose clients include Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Roberts and more notable names, for quick tarotscopes involving our favorite stars.

Essentially, through her tarot deck, Angie made predictions about celebrities from each Zodiac sign.

For starters, Angie sounded off on what's next for Aquarius Ellen DeGeneres following her 2020 workplace controversy.

Of course, as we're still waiting for Pisces Rihanna's album, we had to ask: Will we be getting new music from her in 2021?

Oh, and get excited as Angie predicted that one famous Aries will become a mom in 2021. HINT: We bet "Born This Way" will be played in the delivery room.

Stars Who Think They Have a Psychic Ability

In regard to celebrity Cancers, the psychic had plenty to say about Selena Gomez, Mindy Kaling and Ariana Grande. (Don't fret, she only had good things to share.)

We also asked for an update on Leo Jennifer Lopez's wedding. Heads up, Angie's answer may surprise you.

And this is only a taste of what Angie foresaw for next year.

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For all of these predictions and more, scroll through the images below!


Angie's Prediction for Ellen DeGeneres: Following 2020's workplace scandal, Ellen DeGeneres' 2021 will be filled with self-introspection and new opportunities. As Angie saw it, the new year will be "the in-between for her." Namely, Ellen will be "finding herself again," and this time will result in a "humanitarian" project.

Angie's Prediction for Harry Styles: Harry Styles' star will only continue to rise. Not only did Angie foresee "another big" album from Harry, but she also predicted that his new film endeavor, Don't Worry Darling, will be wildly successful.

She commented, "This is building towards his destiny in a huge way."

Angie's Prediction for Megan Thee Stallion: Although Angie saw that Megan Thee Stallion has found good creative partners, she predicted that it may be "a while" until a new album comes out. But she did foresee travel in the rapper's future!


Angie's Prediction for Millie Bobby Brown: Millie Bobby Brown is "owning her power" amid her transition from child star to full-fledged teenager. Specifically, her "entrepreneur" side is only going to grow as she gets older—and she's supposedly going to help people too.

Angie's Prediction for Rihanna: Listen up, Rihanna Navy! According to Angie, Rihanna is currently "weighing her options" on when to release her next album. "She's not in a rush for it," Angie shared. "And know that I just feel summertime. Like, a big boost for her."

Angie's Prediction for Justin Bieber: "Baby, baby, baby, oh!" Not only did Angie predict that Justin Bieber is "very fertile," but she said the pop star's number one priority is family right now. Could a baby Bieber be on the way? For Angie, the answer was unclear. That's not a no...


Angie's Prediction for Kristen Stewart: Writing is in Kristen Stewart's future! Unfortunately, this new creative endeavor is likely to come amid a split. "It feels like it's already happened," Angie noted. "She's kind of just recovering from it but, I see her writing."

Angie's Prediction for Lady Gaga: Is a star about to be born? During the reading, Angie saw "baby all around" Lady Gaga. As she continued, Angie predicted a transformation for Lady Gaga as the "Shallow" singer may be having a baby girl.

Angie's Prediction for Mariah Carey: Get excited, Lambily. Per Angie, while Mariah Carey may face some slight ups and downs next year, she has "something big coming" in the summer.


Angie's Prediction for Adele: 2021 will be all about "self-love" for Adele. Whether that means a "practice round" relationship or processing her divorce, it will lead to both a romantic and creative partner.

Angie predicted, "There's something there that feels like they spark each other creatively."

Angie's Prediction for Megan Fox: Although Megan Fox is experiencing a sense of "freedom" amid her split from Brian Austin Green, Angie said there is baby energy surrounding the actress, who is currently dating Machine Gun Kelly.

"I see another baby coming for her," she relayed. "She's not pregnant yet, but it's around her."

Angie's Prediction for Gigi Hadid: It's all about motherhood for Gigi Hadid. That's what Angie saw while doing a reading about the supermodel. Per Angie, "it's not about making money, it's all motherhood."

She stated, "I wonder even if she's trying to think about what she's going to pivot in her career that highlights her as a mom."


Angie's Prediction for Awkwafina: Taking on more responsibility? As Angie saw it, Awkwafina will be taking on a bigger "behind-the-scenes" role on her next project. She said, "Her growth is there and behind-the-scenes—we'll see more later."

Angie's Prediction for Kanye West: Kanye West is going all-in on fashion. During the reading, Angie relayed that Kanye is ready to be "an authority" on something following his 2020 Presidential run. Thus, he's turning his focus back to his fashion line.

Angie's Prediction for James Charles: 2021 may not be James Charles' year. Angie predicted that next year will be "a harder year" for the beauty guru. Specifically, the YouTube star will face some sort of "heartbreak."


Angie's Prediction for Ariana Grande: Can't stop won't stop. Although Ariana Grande just dropped a new album back in October, Angie foresaw more creativity for the hitmaker. "Well, I get some sort of creative collaboration for her," the celebrity mystic stated. "Someone is coming, next year."

Angie's Prediction for Selena Gomez: What's next for Selena Gomez? Well, what Angie told us, Selena is ready for the next stage of her career, but it's not about music or acting. In actuality, the "Rare" singer wants to be a "leader."

She added, "I see that more as like, speaking or charity work."

Angie's Prediction for Mindy Kaling: Love on the horizon? According to Angie, Mindy Kaling is "ready to settle down," but isn't rushing into anything.

Angie commented, "It feels like there's someone she wants to be in a relationship with and she's waiting to see if it's going to work out."


Angie's Prediction for Meghan Markle: According to Angie, Meghan Markle is still working through her miscarriage. However, another baby Sussex is destined.

The celebrity psychic predicted, "I think the second is a boy."

Angie's Prediction for Jennifer Lopez: No wedding bells in 2021? After postponing her wedding in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, the state of Jennifer Lopez's wedding to Alex Rodriguez is still TBD. And, from what Angie told us, the famous pair isn't rushing to set a date.

She explained, "I can't get a date." Furthermore, while the couple may be eyeing a "summertime" wedding, Angie predicts coronavirus may still be standing in the way of their nuptials.

Angie's Prediction for Kylie Jenner: Ready for a breather. With Keeping Up With the Kardashians ending in 2021, Kylie Jenner is ready "to take a break." Now, don't fret, Kylie fans. She isn't stepping away from the spotlight, she's just not rushing into another project.


Angie's Prediction for Armie Hammer: Next year will be all about family for Armie Hammer. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Armie's children remained with his estranged wife Elizabeth Chambers in the Cayman Islands, and over the course of 2021, the Call Me By Your Name actor will realize "how important his family is to him."

Angie's Prediction for Beyoncé: In 2021, Beyoncé will continue to "live her best life." So much so that Angie wouldn't rule out another baby for the superstar. Angie shared, "She's wanting or thinking about it."

Angie's Prediction for Zendaya: Following her big Emmy win in 2020, Zendaya is ready for her next big role. Unfortunately, 2021 will be a "lean year" for Zendaya. Now, this doesn't mean her star isn't rising, it just means "bigger" projects may be negotiated and/or filmed throughout this next year.


Angie's Prediction for Addison Rae: You're gonna want to hit the like button on this one! Despite their age, Angie predicted that Addison Rae's boyfriend Bryce Hall will contemplate proposing in 2021.

She said, "I see him wanting to propose."

But is it just for the views? Only time will tell.

Angie's Prediction for Olivia Jade: Although the College Admissions Scandal resulted in both her parents, Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli, serving prison sentences, it has allowed Olivia Jade to "really consider her options for what she wants for he future."

In 2021, Olivia Jade will "step into her purpose."

Angie's Prediction for Cardi B: Living her best life. While people may not understand her reconciliation with Offset, Cardi B will continue to make decisions that "make her feel good" in 2021.

As for the couple's future? The cards told Angie the reunion will be short-lived.


Angie's Prediction for Gabrielle Union: Figuring out her next career move. That's exactly what Angie foresaw for Gabrielle Union. With an acting career, books and more under her belt, the 48-year-old actress will be asking herself, "What do I do now?"

Angie predicted a "career shift" for Gabrielle in 2021.

Angie's Prediction for Willow Smith: In 2021, Willow Smith will continue to be a role model for young people, especially in regard to mental health awareness. According to Angie, Willow's personal experience will become "a part of her destiny to how she's going to give to others."

Whether it's creating a product or a service, the greater masses will benefit from Willow's influence.

Angie's Prediction for Penn Badgley: Well, this is an interesting one. Although Angie couldn't put her finger on it, "something will come up next year for" Penn Badgley.


Angie's Prediction for Miley Cyrus: There will be even more Miley Cyrus next year. Not only did Angie predict Miley's star to shine bright, but the A-lister will be "picking and choosing" how she uses her star power. In addition to this, "relationship will be big for her next year."

Angie's Prediction for Britney Spears: According to Angie, things are "so good" and "changing for a positive" in Britney Spears' life. Yet, there is someone in the "Toxic" singer's life that is "testing" her.

Regardless, Britney's situation is "going to work out in a really good way."

Angie's Prediction for Matt James: In typical Bachelor fashion, Angie predicted that there will be "two important women" in Matt James' life in 2021. As Angie saw it, he'll eventually be "traveling a bunch" for the one he chooses to "to settle down with."

She added, "He really is living his best life!"


Angie's Prediction for Timothée Chalamet: Sorry, ladies. According to Angie, Timothée Chalamet will have "a big relationship in 2021." While his career is definitely still on the rise, the celebrity psychic predicted that "a big part of him" wants "to settle down." Apparently, 2021 will be his year for that!

Angie's Prediction for LeBron James: It seems we'll be getting another business endeavor from LeBron James in 2021. Per Angie, the basketball legend will spend some of the year "prepping" for "a creative endeavor." Not only will he be "lining up a partner," but the project may be something that involves "the whole family."

Angie's Prediction for John Legend: 2021 will be filled with creative success for John Legend. "I see him working really hard on another album," Angie expressed. "This next project of his is brimming with success. Lots of financial possibility more than even before."

Angie also saw lots of public speaking in John's future.

You can find more of Angie here.

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